Internet is ‘scared’ after watching this video of a woman hugging pythons

Oct 03, 2023 07:01 PM IST

“Oh my heart rate! He is so thick,” wrote an Instagram user while reacting to this video of a woman hugging pythons.

Have you ever had an encounter with a snake? If so, what was the first thought that came to your mind? Most likely, you would run away for your life unless you have a fondness for reptiles. Now, a video of a woman hugging huge pythons has gained significant traction on social media. It has also sparked numerous comments from viewers who found the video ‘scary’.

Woman hugging pythons with bare hands. (Instagram/@thereptilezoo)
Woman hugging pythons with bare hands. (Instagram/@thereptilezoo)

The video shows the woman grabbing the pythons with bare hands as they slither away from their enclosure. In the caption of the video, she explains that she was attempting to make an ‘educational video’ about the snakes, but they were not interested in ‘cuddling’ her. Despite this, she shares that this experience was one of the ‘best’ moments of her life.

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“These snakes don’t want to cuddle! I wanted to do a quick educational video about a few of them, but as expected, these guys can be so unpredictable! That’s okay! Lol. What can you expect from snakes? I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Even if it’s going unpredicted. Some of life’s best moments are spur of the moment!” reads the caption written alongside the video shared on Instagram page called ‘The Reptile Zoo’.

Watch this woman hugging pythons below:

The video was shared two days ago on Instagram. Since then, nearly three lakh people have viewed it. Additionally, the share has also received numerous comments from Instagram users.

Here’s how people reacted to this video of the woman embracing pythons below:

“I’d be worried if snakes of that size wanted to ‘cuddle’ me,” posted an individual.

Another added, “I enjoy all of your videos. But I must admit that I scroll past the ones with these huge snakes!”

“Their sizes alone wouldn’t let me think of cuddles though,” commented a third.

A fourth shared, “That’s awesome I love it so much. Is there any chance for me to do it if I visit the zoo.”

“I’m scared to hold them,” expressed a fifth.

A sixth wrote, “I’ll leave the cuddling to the pros like you!”

“Oh my, for me this is nightmare fuel lol. Brave woman,” remarked a seventh.

An eighth joined, “Oh my heart rate! He is so thick.”

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