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Lions try to hunt lost baby elephant. Watch bone-chilling video

ByVrinda Jain
Sep 28, 2023 10:37 PM IST

The video of the lion trying to hunt a baby elephant was captured in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Watch the video here.

A heart-pounding video has gone viral online. It shows how a group of lions found an opportunity to hunt a baby elephant. The video was shared on the YouTube channel of Latest Sightings. It has originally been recorded by Brent Schnupp in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Lion running after an elephant. (YouTube/@Latest Sightings)
Lion running after an elephant. (YouTube/@Latest Sightings)

"We came across a male lion casually crossing the road. He walked down to a small puddle. To our surprise, two other lions appeared out of nowhere and joined him—a younger male and a female. They were seemingly enjoying a peaceful moment of coexistence. However, the tranquility was short-lived. Our attention was drawn to an adult female elephant emerging from the thicket ahead of us. She appeared to be in distress and was crossing the road with great haste. Little did we know at the time that she had left behind her vulnerable calf,” Schnupp told Latest Sightings.

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He further added, "The lions, sensing an opportunity, came onto the road and soon realized that the mother elephant had left her calf behind. The younger male lion took the lead in chasing the defenseless baby elephant. In contrast, the older male lion just stood and watched on, while the lioness also seemed uninterested.” (Also Read: Lions attacking wildebeest brings safari cars to halt. Watch)

The video opens to show a baby elephant trying to find its mama. As it is in search, three lions closely follow behind. At one point, the elephant even turns around, which scares the lions. However, ultimately, the elephant is able to escape before the lions come too close.

Watch the video of the lions chasing the lost baby elephant here:

This post was shared on September 26. Since being shared, it has been viewed more than eight lakh times. The share also has been liked more than 1,000 times.

Many even took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions.

Here's what people are saying about this clip:

An individual wrote, "The baby elephant did so well! Always keeping an eye on what's behind."

A second added, "Those lions look well-fed. If they were hungry they'd have been on it pretty fast."

"Damn it! It's amazing that this little guy walked away alive and the lions left him alone. Because lions are classic opportunists who will never have the courage to attack an adult bull elephant 4 meters tall and weighing about 7 tons. They are capable of killing an adult lion with one blow, throwing him into the air, crushing or trampling him," posted another. (Also Read: Lioness gets caught in Zebra stampede while trying to hunt the animals. Watch)

A fourth said, "The lions could have easily caught the baby elephant, but they are smart enough to know elephants are vengeful. Not worth the price later for a small meal now."

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