Move over Money Heist, this grandpa stealing forbidden snacks from kitchen is the ultimate snitch

Content creator Nihal Ranjit shared the videos on Instagram.
The image is captured from one of the videos.(Life Beyond Numbers.)
The image is captured from one of the videos.(Life Beyond Numbers.)
Published on Sep 11, 2021 05:11 PM IST
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By Life Beyond Numbers

We may be a teeny-weeny bit delayed in putting up this story, but the timing couldn’t be any more apt for the world is roaring with the release of Money Heist Season 5. But we are here to show you the biggest rip-off of the year, where a shrewd and equally adorable grandfather is caught red-handed while stealing snacks from around the house and kitchen.

Influencer and a guy of many talents – Nihal Ranjit’s Grandpapi (grandpa) is diabetic and forbidden from overeating food, let alone sweets. But nothing and no one can possibly stop him from getting all the snacks he wants for himself. He seems to have a massive appetite, for, within seconds, he engulfs half a dozen bananas to countless achappams.

The image is captured from one of the videos.(Life Beyond Numbers.)
The image is captured from one of the videos.(Life Beyond Numbers.)

Ranjit, in his virtual alter ego Jugalchutney, decided to capture his granddad sneaking into the jars and packets and freezer and post it on social media under the title ‘Keeping Up With The Grandpapi’. This 4 Episode Season of food theft is all you need to see today to lift your spirits and maybe grab something to eat.

Check out the first episode:


In the pilot episode, Nihal captures how his Grandpapi carefully waits until no one is in the kitchen and then starts emptying all that into his belly. But then he is caught by Nihal’s furious mum, and Grandpapi is humiliated. He promises not to eat but fails to keep it for long.

Likewise, in the second episode, Grandpapi shovels down almost 130 achappams, a sweet Kerala snack, although he’s allowed to eat just two of them. Then the family gets invited to a wedding where Papi is way too happy about the buffet.


This continues in the third and final episode, where Grandpa tussles with Jugal’s mom and keeps eating anyway.


Ranjit has this ingenious idea of adding an Oscar ceremony to his vlog series climax, adding a cherry on top of the humourous roller coaster ride.


We couldn’t help in getting in touch with Nihal to learn about his grandpa and family.

“A couple of months back, my grandfather was trying to convince the entire family that we weren’t in the room when the doctor told him he could eat 6 bananas a day. I think this incident perfectly captures what this series is about,” he told Life Beyond Numbers.

His grandpa got so viral that Nihal grew from 700 to 19.3K followers within a few months of posting the series. Besides being funny, Ranjit has his subtle way of capturing Kerala, his native state, in his videos.

“I have been staying with my grandpa in Kerala and family for 10 months. For us, the pandemic was filled with snack heists, movies, and games of rummy made up our pandemic. My grandfather is a very skilled carroms player and above average at rummy(card game). I spent the better part of lockdown just documenting my life, and putting it out in different faucets on my Instagram,” Ranjit shared.

He never thought that his random posts will receive so much appreciation. He was just capturing his Grandpapi and putting it out on the internet without any intent but out of pure joy.

“My grandpa is such a character. He’s 84 years old, and can eat roughly the same amount as me. He reads the newspaper every morning and can’t say no to a good Achappam(Kerala snack),” Nihal said elaborating more about his grandpa.

Other than Grandpapi, Jugalchutney also posts funny and emotional videos surrounding his other family members.

“My family is the human form of the facepalm emoji. Each individual is such a character and to see them interact is truly amusing. My mom is at the top of the hierarchy, while I am far at the bottom,” the grandson said.


Granddads and Grandmas tend to weave dreams about their offspring and grandchildren. But Nihal’s Grandpa wants everyone to live harmoniously, and Nihal intends to make people laugh.

“My Grandpa doesn’t expect anything of me. He is a simple man. He just wants everyone to live harmoniously. My goals? I like to tell stories. I just want to make people laugh. I think it’s a noble pursuit. Lastly, I would just like to publicly thank everyone for the love,” he concluded.

‘Keeping Up With The Grandpapi’ Season 1 has left fans asking for more. We are yet to see if Ranjit has some more surprises in stock for us.

This was story was first published on Life Beyond Numbers.

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