The image shows the tweet which started it all.(Twitter/@reddymadhavan)
The image shows the tweet which started it all.(Twitter/@reddymadhavan)

Post on ‘weirdest snack’ sparks hilarious Twitter thread. Do you relate to any?

A Twitter user, while replying to the post, wrote that they like putting red chilli powder on bread.
By Srimoyee Chowdhury
PUBLISHED ON FEB 28, 2021 08:42 AM IST

Having a snack that makes us happy is probably one of the most enjoyable things to do. It doesn’t matter what kind of snack one prefers, the motive is to feel good after having it. However, there are times when the snack that seems amazing to you, doesn’t quite match the taste buds of others. So if you love chomping on some weird concoctions, which may not appeal to others, this Twitter thread may embrace you with open arms.

It all started with a tweet by author Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan who wrote about a strange snack that she loved as a teenager. “Teen me used to love dipping ice cubes into salt and eating them together, like I used to fill the ice trays every evening so I'd have fresh ice for the next day,” reads a part of the post. She concluded her post by asking netizens about their version of unusual snacks.

Check out the post:

Shared on February 27, the post has garnered several comments from netizens. Ranging from chili powder on bread to ice with chat masala, the comments section is surely a laughter riot.

Do you want to try out any of the suggestions given in the thread?

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