AIB's Unoffended: Arnab Goswami finds a sense of humour

Serial offender and news anchor Arnab Goswami has found yet another role for himself -- a budding comedian. Arnab is an important part of AIB's new video Unoffended which also stars Anurag Kashyap, Russell Peters, Milind Deora and Vishal Dadlani.

tv Updated: Apr 20, 2017 17:55 IST
Hindustan Times
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We never, ever, ever thought we would live to see the day when Arnab Goswami would tell you to 'just chill'. And the fact that he's never offended'. And that he is always the picture of Zen-like calm.

We were right. TheTV personality who takes offence for all of India every night, night after night, is still very much offended. The rest is AIB's latest spoof video where India's leading 'news anger' stars in a sketch on himself.

"I do not believe in outrage. I believe in being calm and listening to people and taking deep breaths. I believe in being calm," he says as he takes deep breath.

The spoof is called Offended, a take on India's love for being offended about anything and everything. To drive home the point, Arnab's speech on calmness is interspersed with his news hour debates.

Starring in it are Anurag Kashyap (bulk offence supplier), Vishal Dadlani (Like Raghu, but nicer), Milind Deora (guitar bajane waala cool neta), Suhel Seth (bulk news byte giver for hire), Russell Peters (without a shirt) and Raghu Ram in a guest appearance.

They all, in their own inimitable ways, show how being offended is a cottage industry in India. In fact, it might be an interesting item to export abroad as well!

So, is Arnab funny? Yes, he is but he's so much more fun when he is offended.

First Published: Jul 14, 2015 14:37 IST