Bigg Boss 11 Dec 17 written update: Hiten Tejwani gets evicted as contestants save Priyank Sharma

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Waar saw the eviction of Hiten Tejwani, among the most sensible contestants so far. This decision was tough on all the inmates.

Bigg Boss 11 Salman Khan Updated: Dec 18, 2017 08:18 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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Hiten Tejwani entered the house as a celebrity but his grounded persona ensured he was most respected contestant in the house.

Sunday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar was lot more fun than Saturday’s. Mouni Roy’s entry added that extra spice to the show and her interaction was full of laughter. However, the atmosphere of happiness was short-lived when Salman revealed a massive twist to the eviction process.

Here are the highlights:

Mouni interacts with contestants – ‘Charitra ki Kasauti’ task

Naagin star, Mouni entered the Bigg Boss house and surprised everyone. After exchanging pleasantries, she got on to the job at hand – a game where she picked a negative emotion (paap dosh) tag hung from a tree, called an inmate and asked him or her to choose one who fitted the bill. Here’s how it went:

Anger: Hiten picked Puneesh

Greed: Shilpa picked Arshi

Arrogance: Puneesh picked Hina

Laziness: Hina picked Priyank

Jealousy: Vikas picked Aakash

Emotional: Arshi picked Vikas

Lust: By consensus, all chose Akash

Despite all giving adverse (though honest) views about each other, everyone retained a sense of humour. No fights, not yet.

Soon it was time for Mouni to leave. But before she left, she declared that since Akash was found to be the person with most number of flaws, he would be given a chance to repent – he could only eat boiled food, sleep on a mat on the ground and eat in steel utensils!

Salman introduces new task

After Mouni’s exit, Salman entered the Bigg Boss house. He interacted with all, first poking fun at Akash and his ways. He jokingly asked as to why was everybody targeting him. Akash insisted all were jealous of him.

Next, Salman asked Shilpa and Luv what they thought of their co-contestants after watching the unseen footage on Saturday. Luv said he was shocked to see what his ‘friends’ Priyank and Hina thought of him and his ‘affection’ for Hina.

In fact, Hina’s response -- that she thought it was fine if Luv had developed some feelings for her – didn’t go down well with him. To this, Salman defended Hina saying that it was mature on her part to say so.

He then asked for Shilpa’s response – she said that though she wasn’t exactly surprised but did notice that Vikas had a game plan ready to tackle her.

As we have seen before, Arshi and Shilpa again got into an argument. This time, it was over Shilpa saying how Vikas couldn’t influence Arshi for using foul language.

Soon after, Salman (perhaps to also defuse the scene) introduced a new task -- where the housemates would be tested on their friendships inside the Bigg Boss house. Three pairs – Akash and Arshi, Hina and Priyank and Vikas and Hiten – were made to sit with their backs to each other and had to pick names for the same question.

There were many questions, but some deserve mention:

Arshi and Akash were asked who was playing a dirty game and both picked Shilpa.

Salman asked who among them was ‘meethi choori’ – Arshi picked Vikas and Akash picked himself! Hina and Priyank were asked who was double-faced and both took Vikas’ name.

Vikas and Hiten’s team gave the same answer (which was quite funny too) to most of the questions and won the task. There have, indeed, been good friends.

There was a Sultani Akhada too -- double dangal -- which Arshi and Vikas won easily. Hina and Priyank were no match to the duo.

Eviction twist

The toughest part of today’s episode was reserved for the end – to everybody’s surprise, Salman revealed that eviction this week would be decided by the contestants themselves. Hiten and Priyank, two of the four nominated on Saturday – were asked to leave from the side door.

There was much heart burn – nearly nobody wanted to play the ‘bad’ person. Everybody said Hiten was a nice person. Vikas was most disturbed as both Hiten and Priyank are his good friends.

However, after much debate most agreed that while Hiten was wonderful person, he wasn’t very decisive and didn’t actively participate fully in the game.

Finally, Hiten got three votes while Priyank received four and stayed on in the Bigg Boss house. Hiten was voted to be evicted.

Salman, while announcing the decision, said he was truly sorry to see a ‘sane’ and mature person like Hiten leave the game. But it was a game and one had to take the good with the bad.

First Published: Dec 17, 2017 23:41 IST