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Bigg Boss 11, Nov 10 written update: Akash Dadlani wins Man of the Series, Puneesh and Priyank beaten

Bigg Boss 11’s Friday episode revealed Hiten Tejwani and his fighting spirit as well as budding friendship between Shilpa and Vikas. Akash Dadlani defeated Priyank and Puneesh to win the Man of The Series title.

Bigg Boss 11 Salman Khan Updated: Nov 11, 2017 09:42 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
Bigg Boss 11,Bigg Boss 11 Nov 10 written update,Bigg Boss 11 November 10 written update
Akash Dadlani finds a partner in Arshi Khan on Bigg Boss 11.

Even Bigg Boss 11 realised a break from the constant fights and controversies was needed. So, in the Friday episode of Bigg Boss 11, there was an obstacle course added to the mix. While Priyank, Akash and Puneesh were supposed to show how fit they are, their female partners -- Benafsha, Arshi and Bandgi respectively -- were supposed to wash their faces (yaay, feminism). But that’s not all that happened -- Hiten Tejwani revealed that he also has a stomach for fights while Shilpa and Vikas are the new best friends.

Without wondering on how fickle friendships can be inside the Bigg Boss house, here’s a summary of everything that happened inside the house on Friday...

In Bigg Boss 11’s Friday episode, Hiten Tejwani was the biggest surprise. Amid all the fights and ugly controversies, he had stayed above it all but not anymore. Stuck in a prison with Benafsha and Hina, he lets out his inner diva. Will this last only till he is inside the kaal kothri? We will just wait and watch.

Hina wondered if something was indeed cooking between Benafsha and Priyank. Hina said there is love between the two but Benafsha insisted they are only friends.

Vikas and Sapna believed that it was Hina who asked Luv to stare inappropriately at Arshi. Hiten simply listened to the allegations.

Hina, meanwhile, said that Vikas wants to run a dictatorship in the house but she won’t not let it happen. She also claimed that Vikas repeatedly tried to grab Shilpa Shinde’s attention. Arshi claimed Vikas is not as bad as Hina and went on to tell Shilpa that Vikas, despite his faults, believed Shilpa is a better person than Hina. Shilpa said she might forgive him if he apologised.

Akash and Luv appeared to be burying their hatchet. Luv said he has no issue with either Akash or Puneesh.

Housemates later came together to choose the next captain and Bandgi, Akash and Sabyasachi were the three contenders. Bigg Boss announced the nest and egg task for captaincy.

All contestants were given a nest each while the competitors got three nests. The three competitors had to make other contestants hand over their eggs. The one who got maximum eggs would win. The three people in jail – Benafsha, Hina and Hiten – got a total of one egg. Sapna was be the ‘sanchalak’ of this task.

Shilpa and Arshi supported Sabyasachi, Sapna also gave her egg to him. As Vikas agreed to give the egg to Sabyasachi, even Bandgi handed over hers to him. Vikas even went to prison to convince the three inmates to hand over their egg. Akash also accepted that he emerged a winner by handing over his egg.

As Vikas stood near Sabyasachi’s nest, Priyank insisted he did not trust the TV producer and Hina added to the chorus saying that Vikas was trying to sabotage Sabyasachi’s game. Sapna intervened and asked both to move away. Vikas wondered why Priyank and Sapna were fighting with him and walked away. Sapna continued to shout and said she doesn’t care if Vikas drowns in the swimming pool but she won’t let him go.

Bandgi cried as she lost the task and Puneesh said that she is a ‘big person’ to give away her egg. Shilpa and Vikas became the new best friends in the house and he confided in her that Priyank’s behaviour disappointed him.

Sabyasachi won the captaincy task and everyone seemed to be celebrating. Bigg Boss then gave him his first task – he could free one person from the prison. Sabyasachi chose Hiten.

Hina wanted to know why Bigg Boss did this to her. She told Luv and Priyank, who seem to be her constant audience, that she was very angry. Soon, Bigg Boss freed both of them.

As Luv carried Benafsha and Hina’s stuff back inside the house, everyone made fun of him. Arshi started irritating Hina again and the TV star started shouting. Hina told Arshi that she may be desperate but she needs to get footage off someone else.

Next task was an obstacle course in which three jodis -- Priyank-Benafsha, Akash-Arshi and Puneesh-Bandgi – participated. The male member had to finish the obstacles and the female participant had to wash his face. Whoever did it in the least amount of time would emerge the winner.

Akash and Arshi won the task and he takes the Man of the Series award. They jump into the pool to celebrate.

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First Published: Nov 10, 2017 23:57 IST