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Bigg Boss 12 day 11 highlights: Vikas Gupta gives contestants a reality check

Bigg Boss 12 day 11 highlights: On Thursday, Bigg Boss has quite a few surprises lined up for unsuspecting contestants.

By HT Correspondent | Sep 27, 2018 23:01 IST

On Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 12, a special guest comes visiting. Vikas Gupta, one of the three finalists of the last season, gave the contestants a reality check on the show.

Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to freeze wherever they were and not to react in any situation. Vikas went to each contestant with a mirror and spoke about their behaviour in the house and how their actions are being percieved by the outside world. Vikas’s revelations distressed and made many uncomfortable.

Here are the highlights from the show:

9:59 pm IST

Sreesanth threatens to leave the house again

Sreesanth rushed to the door again to leave the game because Romil would not accept he was not playing fair in the task.

9:50 pm IST

Sreesanth brings up the Samudri Lootere task again

Sreesanth begins fighting with Romil and Nirmal over how they didn’t use proper means to win the luxury budget task. Romil refused to apologize for splashing water at contestants during the task.

9:45 pm IST

Contestants fight over Samudri Lootere task

A heated discussion breaks out as contestants try to figure out who should be sent to the kaal kothri. Contestants accuse each other of using unfair means to win the luxury budget task.

9.35 pm IST

Bigg Boss asks everyone to select two contestant for kaal kothri

Bigg Boss tells contestants it’s time to select two contestants who will spend the night in kaal kothri. Most choose Nirmal and Romil for playing unfair in the Samudri Lootere task.

9:30 pm IST

Sreesanth wonders if Vikas even saw the episodes

Unlike others, Sreesanth didn’t appreciate Vikas’ feedback. He says he doesn’t even know who Vikas is and that he would not be able to survive if he was in his place.

9:28 pm IST

Vikas chides Deepak for being unfair

Vikas tells Deepak that he became everyone’s favourite in the first few days but he played unfairly in the Samudri Lootere task.

9:24 pm IST

Dipika begins crying on meeting Vikas

Vikas praises Dipika for joining the show but asks her why she doesn’t participate more. He gives her a hug as she begins crying.

9:21 pm IST

Vikas tells celebrities to involve more people

Vikas tells Karanvir and Shristi to not exclude contestants who are not celebrities and keep themselves from more people and possibilities.

9:19 pm IST

Vikas Gupta meets the contestants

Vikas Gupta gives the contestants a reality check to show them what the public thinks about them outside the home. He asks Neha why she isn’t getting involved in the show and praises Urvashi for how she is handling herself.

9:15 pm IST

Contestants enjoy fun time by the pool

Jasleen, Anup and Deepak dive into the pool to enjoy a light moment together.

9:13 pm IST

Romil and Deepak discuss this week’s eviction

Romil and Deepak discuss nominations, Urvashi and her friendship with Dipika. Romil tells him that he arrived in the home as a single against the jodis.

9:10pm IST

Romil and Sourabh fight

Romil and Sourabh begin swearing and screaming at each other for no apparent reason. The women try to calm them down.

9:07 pm IST

Jasleen kisses Anup in front of everyone

Jasleen and Anup get teased by the other contestants about their relationship. To amuse them even more, she plants two kisses on his face.

9:05 pm IST

Jasleen hugs Dipika

Jasleen feels weird about the bad blood between her and Dipika and decides to patch things up with a hug. Dipika accepts the hug but doesn’t reveal if she has indeed forgiven her.

9:01 pm IST

Contestants discuss Shrishti’s sleepwalking

Contestants got worried about Shristi when she began walking in her sleep on Wednesday. She assured them that would have returned to her bed even if they didn’t bring her back.

9:00 pm IST

Contestants wake up

With the luxury budget task finally behind them, the contestant woke up in a pleasant mood to “Koi Hero Yaha, Koi Zero Yaha” from Shah Rukh Khan’s Phir Bhi Dik Hai Hindustani.