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Home / TV / Bigg Boss 13 day 78 written update episode 78 December 23: Rashami Desai-Arti Singh fight over Sidharth Shukla

Bigg Boss 13 day 78 written update episode 78 December 23: Rashami Desai-Arti Singh fight over Sidharth Shukla

Bigg Boss 13 day 78 written update episode 78 December 23: Old friends Rashami Desai and Arti Singh had an ugly fight over Rashami’s recent fight with Sidharth Shukla.

tv Updated: Dec 24, 2019 00:32 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Bigg Boss 13 day 78 written update episode 78 December 23:
Bigg Boss 13 day 78 written update episode 78 December 23:

Housemates and fans of Bigg Boss 13 were in for a surprise as Monday’s episode also had host Salman Khan on stage. We also saw old friends Rashami Desai and Arti Singh indulge in an ugly fight over Sidharth Shukla.

Here are the top highlights from tonight’s episode:

Salman connected the caller of the week who asked Vishal Aditya Singh to play independent and not depend on anyone. The caller added that Vishal looked confused and should use the brains that ‘Biharis are famous for’.


Talking about evictions, Salman claimed he would have kicked almost everyone, except two or three contestants, if he had his way. He then announced that Vishal and Arhaan Khan received minimum number of votes. He also told the housemates that Arhaan had been eliminated. Rashami and Arhaan got up and Rashami began crying, saying, “This is not right, not done, not done.”

Shehnaaz hugged Sidharth and told him that she felt Salman will come back and Sidharth may have to leave. Soon, Salman appeared on the TV and said Arhaan was safe, declaring that there would be no eviction. However, he insisted that the the least number of votes were for real.


Paras told Arhaan that he never interfered in Rashami-Sidharth’s fights while Arhaan said he never interfered in Paras’ fights with Asim. Later, Asim and Rashami asked Arhaan to stay out of others’ fights, especially Rashami’s fights.

Sidharth and Shehnaaz were then discussing about Arhaan’s intervention in his fight with Rashami. Sidharth said Rashami threw tea on her, Sidharth threw tea on him and then Arhaan threw it on him. “Maine kam kiya, mai use kaanch ke bahar fek ke deta.” He then said that he would not leave Arhaan, asking Paras how dare Arhaan throw tea on him.

When Mahira was cooking, Paras asked her to not make the breakfast and simply refuse to carry out her own duties. Later, Arhaan was seen making the breakfast. It soon became a point for argument. After some argument, Asim, Rashami and Arti said she should just rest for the day and others will manage.

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Shehnaaz and Shefali Bagga kept cribbing about the entire development and final agreement. Madhurima then announced that she is in no mood to work so everyone must wash their own utensils. Arti was upset and Shehnaaz asked her not to create scenes.

As Arti made the breakfast, Sidharth made fun of her. He whispered in her ears that she was not nominated. With his irritating statements, he said Arti was simply working as she was nominated.

Shehnaaz and Arti had an ugly night when she refused her task. Later, Arti told Madhurima that she should not have used “tu” , but added that she is not sorry for anything else that she said. Vishal and Paras also had a heated discussion where both insisted that Madhurima and Mahira have the freedom to deny duties.

Rashami and Arhaan discussed Sidharth and the time when he worked with Rashami. Rashami cried as she said that Arti once fooled her inbto talking to Sidharth even after she had stopped talking to her Dil Se Dil Tak co-actor. The two also claimed that the worse they talk about each other, the better it is for the show. Arhaan wrapped up the discussion saying she should either avoid getting into a fight with Sidharth or simply do what Salman suggested – slap Sidharth and quit the show.

Later, Rashami asked Arti why she did not speak up during the discussion on wekened. Arti said she was not interested in diugging up past and she did not even want to get into all of it. Arti insisted that Rashami had her boyfriend for her, so she did not need her friend. Arti said, “Tu itni hi sahi hai to tu apne liye bol na.” Rashami responded with, “You have lost a very good friend today, one that yu can never earn back.”

The fight continued when Rashami called Arti ‘cheap’. Rashami told her, “Tune mujhe galat picture me dala hai.” Arti, however, said she did not want to get into all this as she had two friends were involved in it.

Rashami then went upto Madhurima and Vishal and told the entire incident. Arti was a friend and Sidharth wanted to apologise to her and Arti lied to Rashami, enabling Sidharth to reach her. Vishal said Rashamiu must have done something to listen to such things, She claimed that she needed the work desperately.

Shehnaaz said women smoke is the reason why relationships break and divorces happen. She further claimed that “such women” who have the freedom to smoke, also want equality with their husbands and they even have boyfriends. Sidharth was shocked and tried to argue with her but soon realized the futility and stopped her from making any further statements.

Madhurima asked why Shehnaaz said such things and Shehnaaz insisted she had her point of view. Madhurima questioned Shehnaaz that she has two boyfriends, asking her that “aap ishq nahi lada rahi Sidharth aur Paras se?” Sidharth was infuriated and kept yeelling at Madhurima. Arti also came out of the house, shouting at Madhurima. Arti inisisted Shehnaaz treated him as an elder one while he treated her as a kid.

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