Bigg Boss 14 written update day 10: Jaan Kumar Sanu says he likes Nikki Tamboli, she calls him ‘bhai jaan’

Bigg Boss 14 written update day 10: Before confessing his feelings for Nikki Tamboli, Jaan Kumar Sanu was seen confronting her for calling him names in front of others and later gave her a massage.
Bigg Boss 14 written update day 10: Jaan Kumar Sanu gives a head massage to Nikki Tamboli in the spa area of the house.
Bigg Boss 14 written update day 10: Jaan Kumar Sanu gives a head massage to Nikki Tamboli in the spa area of the house.
Updated on Oct 14, 2020 12:13 AM IST
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After a week of fights and superficial friendships, a few genuine bonds seem to be forming inside the Bigg Bos 14 house. On Tuesday’s episode, we saw Jaan Kumar Sanu confessing his feelings for Nikki Tamboli while Eijaz Khan was seen agreeing to most things Pavitra Punia said, despite their fight.

The episode began with Hina Khan asking Eijaz Khan about Pavitra Punia. She teased him, calling her his friend and he responded saying he did not like being treated as a commodity. “I am not a commodity,” Eijaz said when Hina tried to explain that Pavitra perhaps behaves possessively around him because she genuinely liked him. “Chaar -paanch din me kya hota hai. Abhi time hai, we can see what happens (What happens in 4-5 days? There is a lot of time, we can see if something happens later),” he said.

Pavitra later told Rubina Dilak, “I tried a lot to reach out to him but he could not do the same for me, I genuinely tried for a thing. The reason why I still care is that I don’t want to lose you (Eijaz). Genuinely.”

As the day progressed, Nikki Tamboli, Nishant Singh Malkhani and Jaan Kumar Sanu began fighting over the seven items to be taken out from the store. Nishant and Jaan were angry with Nikki. Soon, Shezad Deol and Jaan also began fighting over the items and Shehzad claimed Jaan should have informed him before the final decision was taken. Jasmin, who had finalised and taken out the items, told Shehzad it was just a misunderstanding.

Jaan later confronted Nikki and asked why she was fighting with him. She said she found him to be a confused person and felt he was not involved in her life. He told her that many people have advised him to stay away from her but he does not care. “All I am asking you is not to insult me in front of others,” he said. Soon, Nikki apologised to Jaan and the two patched up. Later, Jaan was seen giving Nikki a back massage in the spa area.

Bigg Boss then announced the immunity task for the day called ‘Farm Land’ wherein the contestants were divided into two teams. Team A with Pavitra, Nishant, Eijaz, and Rahul and Team B consisted of Jasmin, Rubina, Abhinav Shukla, and Shehzad.

In this two-day-long task, the contestants had to pose as neighbouring farmers pitted against each other. The seniors are the shopkeepers with farming materials, and the teams have to convince the seniors to give them the raw materials for their respective farms. The team that captures the maximum area of the garden and converts it into the farm would win the game. Nikki was appointed the ‘Sanchalak’ of the game.


Before the game began, Eijaz tried to convince Nikki to favour him but she told him “Jaan meri Jaan hai. (Jaan is my life).” Seniors Gauahar and Sidharth locked horns once again over rules of the task and he told her rules have changed since she participated in the seventh season.

Eijaz and Jasmin had a tussle over stealing a farming material and it ended in Bigg Boss stalling the task. During the tussle, Jasmin was heard saying, “Aaise kaise chor dungi, tu Khan to main bhi Bhasin (How can I give up? If you are a Khan, I too, am a Bhasin).” There were several fights between the teams and some even blamed Nikki for partiality as the contestants kept stealing items instead of decorating their own farms. During the task, Eijaz and Pavitra were on the same team and he was often seen heeding to her advice.

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After the end of the task was announced, Jasmin and Eijaz were seen joking about the task and how they behaved like kids. Jasmin said she was happy to have lived her childhood again. Jaan, Nikki and Nishant were sitting together when Nishant started teasing Jaan. Nishant said, “Bhale tu bhai jaan hai lekin tera to pyar hai na wo (You maybe her Bhaijaan but she is your love, right?,” when Nikki said Jaan is her “bhaijaan (brother).” Jaan was visibly upset and insisted Nikki she should not call him brother. He also got angry with Nishant for earlier calling Nikki immature.

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