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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 11: Yaashika and Aishwarya’s sensuous performance has men floored

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 11: As part of the masters and slaves task, Aishwarya and Yaashika dance to a popular Tamil song.

tv Updated: Jun 27, 2018 23:31 IST
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HT Correpondent
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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 11: Aishwarya and Yaashika perform together to entertain the masters in the house.

The tenth day in the Bigg Boss house began with the slaves being awakened much ahead of their masters as they had to get breakfast and tea ready for the masters. The masters wake up soon and the task continues. Mumtaz, who was fussy the previous day, had a problem in the morning as well as Bigg Boss had shut down the room where women changed. Other contestants changed in the allotted area but Mumtaz claimed that she was not comfortable. Bigg Boss did not respond to her request to meet or open the room door. So she removed the mic and told Bigg Boss and housemates that she will not wear it until she gets a response. The captain of the house, Nithya, tried to convince Mumtaz to wear the mic and then wait for the room to be unlocked, but she didn’t agree. She wasted two hours in the morning as a result and did not perform any task.

The masters decide to punish her and Mamathi who spoke ill of Janani’s master, Ponnambalam. So Mumtaz is asked to clean the swimming pool, but she refused. This started off a heated conversation about how the masters are treating them like slaves. From Mumtaz not accepting punishment, the argument changed track and Vaishnavi pointed out that women were speaking about how Sharik had his slave feed him food. She said that this will not be comfortable for everyone and wanted the masters to keep this in mind. Her tone and words indicated that they were being treated like slaves and not helpers. Daniel lost his cool and asked who complained about such behavior. Aishwarya said that she didn’t. She in fact stressed on the point that this was only a task and she performed it like a task. Yaashika also supported her as Mahat’s assistant. Ramya also told Daniel that it was not a personal comment. This led to Daniel telling Vaishnavi not mix personal comments and task.

The other housemates are annoyed that Mumtaz doesn’t even try to take up the punishment seriously. She was stubborn even when the others tried to convince her to do her task. Mumtaz for some reason also felt that she was being targeted.

Bigg Boss then sent a letter stating that the washroom in the women’s room will only be opened in case of emergency or for a task. So Mumtaz should not expect this everyday. It is also made clear that if the common washroom is wet, the cleaning team must take care of it. Mumtaz then wore the mic, but she still refused to do the punishment. Yaashika and Aishwarya then performed the task.

The house faced rationing problem and Vaishnavi complained to Balaji about Nithya’s attitude when she wanted to inform her about shortage of sugar. Balaji then asked Nithya why she continued to behave rudely. Nithya responded that she did no such thing. Balaji then told her that she should be smart if people were beginning to target her and act accordingly or pack up her bags.

Bigg Boss announced next task for the slaves in the house. The women are instructed to sing, dance and make merry to entertain their masters. Senrayan said that he will also join the women and dance and Mahat cracked a joke. Senrayan, however, took this seriously and walked out. Senrayan then explained that it was important that the men took him seriously as otherwise the women might also start taking him lightly. However, even when Senrayan explained it with a serious face, Mahat burst out laughing and Senrayan walked out again and sought some alone time.

The entertaining event began with Ramya and Aishwarya singing, followed by Mumtaz and Nithya’s dance performance. Yaashika and Aishwarya’s sensuous performance has the men in the house floored.

Riythika and Yaashika’s performance, however, has the men roaring with laughter. Mamathi’s off key singing bored everyone, and she dedicated the song to Ananth who has nothing to say. Aishwarya turned out to be house favourite as everyone is impressed with her dancing and singing skills.

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First Published: Jun 27, 2018 23:20 IST