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Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar has temper issues, gets violent again

Seems like Puneet Issar couldn't care any less about the Bigg Boss' warning to him for getting physical with Aarya Babbar in a previous task. Now TV's Duryodhan uses physical force against Karishma Tanna in Tuesday's episode. Will there be another punishment?

tv Updated: Dec 03, 2014 02:24 IST
Hindustan Times
Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar has temper issues,gets violent again

Seems like Puneet Issar couldn't care any less about the Bigg Boss' warning to him for getting physical with Aarya Babbar in a previous task. Now TV's most famous Duryodhan uses physical force against Karishma Tanna in Tuesday's episode: He pushes Tanna violently to stop her from entering the store room. Will there be another punishment?

Karishma claims she felt dizzy for two minutes as she was hurt and Pritam says she shouldn't go to jail as she was hurt. Remember, she was one of the 'thieves' in the task and as punishment she was to be locked inside the in-house jail. Pritam's decision to defend her doesn't go down well with the other contestants. Once there is peace in the house, Sonali tells Dimpy that Puneet should be more careful as previously there have been ugly instances which they all have gone through. Dimpy, however, says that it is not her responsibility to care for such petty things.

Puneet pushes Karishma in a bid to stop her from entering the store room.

As part of the luxury budget task, Guards and Thieves of the week named ‘Museum', Bigg Boss divides the housemates into two groups. Praneet Bhatt, Ali Quli Mirza and Karishma Tanna are the thieves while Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati, Puneet Issar, Sonali Raut, Upen Patel and Dimpy Mahajan are the guards of the museum. Captain Pritam is the supervisor for the task. As part of the task, the thieves are supposed to steal the diamond and other items stored in the museum.

Sonali as one of the guards in Bigg Boss 8 house.

Praneet took the lead in going for the kill. The sight actually looked quite difficult for the thieves to enter as all you could see was tight security all around. Gautam and Puneet ensured they don’t leave the store room area wherein the thieves were to put an end to their mission. As Praneet tried taking away one of the pieces, guard Upen caught hold of him. Inside the Prison, Praneet tried to give good explanation to Upen as in why he should be released. Upen somewhere agreed as it was just the first attempt so far. The other two thieves Ali and Karishma waited and did rounds of the living area to have their partner in crime released as soon as possible.

Praneet tried to have a deal with Diandra and Upen. When Di asked him to wash the clothes of all the guards present, he stepped backwards asking them to leave and close the prison room door, as he was least interested in doing the job. Simlultaneously, Ali kept fidgeting with stuff, and was repeatedly caught. Finally, Ali was put inside the jail, and everyone felt happy as they all had enough of his voice all around. But this was just the beginning. Watch the episode to find more inside scoops.

As the guards gear up for the task in their respective uniforms, thieves strategize as to how to steal the antiques put up in the living area of the house. Puneet, Dimpy, Gautam and Diandra are in full form to take up their responsibilities. Sonali and Upen who are in charge of monitoring the Museum through a TV set up in the garden area seem to be in a playful mood to enjoy the task and let others do the same too. Guards are also given the liberty to put any thief into the jail under suspicion. As per their strategy the Guards in order to protect their antiques try to hide and safeguard the items while the thieves plan not to let that happen.

Karishma tries to take one of the antiques and run inside the store room where the robbed items are supposed to be put. But as per the rules even before the store room door shuts, Puneet stops Karishma from doing that. Puneet takes away the robbed item and asks Karishma to back off.

Later, Ali and Praneet are seen taking turns inside the jail as they try to complete the task. Every effort of theirs goes in vain as the guards are extremely alert. Ali tries really hard to distract the guards by his hilarious antiques. The thieves then decide to stay low profile during the day and wait for the night to execute their master plans. However by the evening the thieves manage to pull some strings and heave a sigh of relief as they steal some items.

But how the guards make their comeback is something to wait and watch out for.

Catch all the drama at 9pm on COLORS TV.

First Published: Dec 02, 2014 19:41 IST