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Entries, exits, catfights and...

This is what I call Hell Down Under. Eight roadies reached Australia. And in the first destination itself, four went back! Shockingly, all three ex-roadies won! Raghu Ram tells us...

tv Updated: Mar 16, 2009 17:19 IST
Hell Down Under | Raghu Ram

This is what I call Hell Down Under. Eight roadies reached Australia. And in the first destination itself, four went back! Three ex-roadies, Nauman, Sufi and Palak came back and challenged Pradeep, Kiri and Bobby respectively to take their place in the journey.

Shockingly, all three ex-Roadies won! This kinda supports a theory I have. In any race, it’s not necessarily the fastest who wins. It’s the guy who can’t lose who wins. I guess the ex-roadies knew this was the only chance they had, and were determined not to miss. And in the vote-out, Sandeep too left the show.

Suddenly, there is a totally new group dynamic. The strongest friendship, that of Pradeep and Sandeep, has ended. They were the masterminds who controlled most vote-outs. With them out, the game has been flung wide open.

Fatal attraction
On the other hand, an old “bond” looks like it’s gonna get renewed. Tamanna and Nauman. They were attracted to each other. And on Roadies, with loyalty comes power. At the same time, an old, bitter rivalry has also made a comeback. Tamanna and Palak.

With all three of them back in the same space together, I was sure fireworks will follow. And they did! But more on that later.

Bizarre rules
Down under wasn’t hell just for the roadies. The crew had to go through hell to produce too. Because our ambitions far outdo our budget, we had to lose quite a few team members before going to Oz.

The labour laws in Australia are very rigid. A certain percentage of any crew there has to be Australian. The most bizarre rule was that the crew must get a 10-hour rest after pack-up each day.

We knew we were properly screwed! On any Roadies schedule, the crew can only afford four hours of sleep a day. That is how we’re able to keep the pressure. The Australian crew members would get 10 hours off, and the rest of us would work double to make up for their absence! That is why I boast that only this team can make this show.

My big comeback
This week sees me coming back to torment the roadies some more. Oh, how I love my job! They’ll again be presented with bizarre options. Rest assured, the choices they make will have serious repercussions. Violence breaks out again, this time between Palak and Poulomi! Sigh.. girls, I tell you!

But hopefully, the tasks they face in this episode will rid them of their aggression for good. One roadie will get
seriously hurt. All in a day’s work on roadies…