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Even before someone can make fun of Salman Khan, he starts cracking jokes on himself, says Archana Puran Singh

Archana Puran Singh spoke to Hindustan Times about being a permanent guest on The Kapil Sharma Show, host Kapil and producer Salman Khan.

tv Updated: Jun 25, 2019 17:39 IST
Ruchi Kaushal
Ruchi Kaushal
Hindustan Times
Archana Puran Singh,Salman Khan,The Kapil Sharma Show
Archana Puran Singh is the permanent celeb guest on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Archana Puran Singh replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu as the permanent celeb guest on The Kapil Sharma Show, bringing her own individuality and laughter to the sets. Archana spoke exclusively to Hindustan Times about the show, host Kapil Sharma and his wife Ginni Chatrath and how producer Salman Khan is one of the few superstars who can take a joke on himself. Excerpts:

How is your equation with others on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show?

Everyone respects me so much on the sets -- whenever they crack a joke, they say in between the scenes, ‘Maam, please don’t mind, the writer wrote this’ or ‘it came with the flow’ and they come and hug me. I tell them, ‘Are you mad? Don’t you know me after so many years? I know everything. You have been pulling my leg ever since the days of Comedy Circus’. They don’t dare to pull my leg off camera even though I have a very informal bond with them. But on camera, they cross all limits. Their aim is to make you laugh so they take complete liberty.

Kapil Sharma with wife Ginni Chatrath.

Have you observed a change in Kapil Sharma post his wedding?

I believe Kapil decided to get married as there was a big change in his life, in his thinking. He had matured emotionally and only then decided to tie the knot. Ginni is wise and mature, and yet fun-loving, easy-going and affectionate; she is also very respectful to Kapil’s mother. We also visit them at home and see that she keeps a very warm environment there. I am sure she has contributed in Kapil’s life in a good way.

Kapil himself has matured over the last few years and one of the milestones he crossed while gaining maturity is his marriage. It’s a great experience when you are moving ahead in life and your life partner joins you in the journey. Ginni is a perfect match for Kapil.

How do you keep yourself different from Sidhu?

We are two very different individuals. He has earned a name for himself and so have I. Our personalities are very different and both of us are happy in our own space. It’s just a coincidence that I am here and he is not and it goes on like that in our industry. Aaj main hu jaha, kal koi aur tha, ye bhi ek daur hai, wo bhi ek daur tha.

Out of so many guests who come on The Kapil Sharma Show, who did you find the funniest?

Amit Kumar and Kumar Shanu entertained us so much. They made us laugh consistently and Waheeda ji (Rahman) and Asha ji (Parekh) left us in tears. Sukhwinder also made us emotional (his episode is yet to go on air). This is a show which makes you laugh as well as cry. Its a very important factor how a show has so much depth that can evoke so many emotions in you. Kapil is very soft-hearted and a warm human being and that’s why he attracts people towards him.

Archana Puran Singh calls Kapil Sharma a gifted entertainer.

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Among the cast members, who is the most entertaining of them all?

I think Kapil is the most entertaining. Even after the camera is turned off, he continues to crack jokes. He has the god-gifted depth, experience and maturity that makes him a through and through entertainer. Conversations with him are so interesting when he talks about deeper things, interesting observations and jokes. The way he describes things is so funny.

Salman Khan is producing the show. Does he also crack jokes off the camera?

No one laughs at Salman more than he laughs at himself. People tell me that you laugh at yourself so much, I say there are very few people in the industry who can take a joke on themselves -- one is Anil Kapoor and the other is Salman. He cracks jokes on his own films. Even before someone can think of making fun of him, he starts cracking jokes on himself. He even said on the show how he had borrowed Rs 1500 from one of his friends and made a film to pay it off. But he lost much more money than he actually had to pay back. Not just Salman, Sohail is also like this. I have worked with Sohail and he starts making fun of himself if any of his films are not satisfactory.

How do your kids react to your penchant for comedy? How is the environment at home?

The environment remains the same at home. Whenever I am at home, my children are used to their mom always laughing and joking with them. I am humorous in real life as well and love to have fun.

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First Published: Jun 24, 2019 15:43 IST