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Face the truth today!

Television hottie Rajeev Khandelwal will be hosting Sach Ka Saamna, Star’s lie-detector show. The Indian version of American reality show Moment of Truth will premiere on STAR Plus today. Rachna Dubey quizzes him about the show and more...

tv Updated: Jul 15, 2009 18:19 IST
Rachana Dubey

Rajeev Khandelwal hosts Sach Ka Saamna, Star’s lie-detector show, tonight. He is the pin-up boy who makes a comeback on the small screen thinks playing safe is not safe...

Okay. So, how many times has the host of Sacchai ki Agnipareeksha lied in his life?
Just as many times you or anyone else has. I am a normal human being, no? Still, I don’t lie to myself about anything. I need to be honest when I look at myself in the mirror every day.

Didn’t you take the lie detector test?
The last time they came over, I couldn’t take it because I was busy. But this time, I would like to undergo the polygraph test because I have heard and read that it’s quite accurate. I’d like to test my nerves for once.

Then you should have come as a guest on the show?
No, not till I have a public life. The day I shun it, I wouldn’t hesitate to shed inhibitions and speak about everything in my life.

Is that why most celebs have declined to come on your show?
Yes. They have maintained a certain image for years. Coming on this show would mean they would have to let go off all the secrets of their life. A celeb’s life is always under the scanner anyway and still he or she manages to keep a lot under wraps. If they have to bare it all for an episode on TV, they would rather not do it. The show is not meant for celebs anyway. It’s for a commoner who wants to test his nerves.

Do you think that’s the only thing that’s attracted contestants?
It could be anything from fame to money to plain putting yourself through a test. How would I know why someone’s coming to my show?

Why didn’t you choose to act on TV?
Apart from acting, there were many more offers to host shows because apparently, I still sell as a face on TV. I didn’t do them because I found them too safe as options. I’ve always gambled, whether it’s my movie roles or my shows on TV. If I had done a masala potboiler as a debut, I would have been nowhere today. I have lovely projects in hand because I gambled. I can’t promise if this show will also work, but I will stick by it because I think playing safe in life is the most unsafe thing to do.

Do you think the timing of the show is perfect because 10.30 pm is dominated by soaps?
That’s for the channel to decide. As an actor and a host, I think 10.30 pm is when people are about to turn off the TV and go to sleep. With this show, people will not just sleep after they’ve watched the show, they will look within, reflect on what they have done. Even if 10 per cent people do it, my show is a hit.

You’ve been saying you want to adopt a girl child. Why?
It’s sad but as a single man I can’t adopt a girl child because the norms don’t permit. But whenever I become a father, I would love to have a daughter. She’d bring so much energy to my life. I would carry her on my shoulders to work and to her school.

When do you to marry now that you have someone in life?
She rules my life. I’ve not had too many women in my life but I have been serious in all my relationships. So, marrying is not just my decision. It has to be mutual. I’ll wait for the day she is ready to settle down.

Weren’t you heartbroken when your friend Aamna Sharif chose to be with Aftab Shivdasani?
I wish her all the happiness. In fact, I missed watching the two of them in her debut movie, Aloo Chaat. But I remember reading a lot of good things about it. Hope they do well, always. You said somewhere that you don’t believe in God.

I have faith. I don’t practice idol worship, I go to temples but not to thank god or ask something from him. My god is within me and he says I should work single-mindedly because work as they say is worship.