Game of Thrones’ new theory says Night King tricked us all, is on his way to King’s Landing. Here’s all the proof

Game of Thrones fans have realised that Night King may be on his way to King’s Landing.
Night King may have figured out a way to take control over Westeros.
Night King may have figured out a way to take control over Westeros.
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Just a few days before the epic showdown between the living and the dead, fans of Game of Thrones have come up with a brilliant and totally plausible new theory. So far in the two episodes of season eight, we have not caught a single glimpse at the Night King and even as the heroes and their armies wait for him at Winterfell, he may not even greet them at their gates at all.

The new theory floating about on Twitter and other social media platforms, suggests that Night King is on his way to King’s Landing. He intends to take the Iron Throne, freeze over the entire capital and quite possibly, turn the entire population into ice zombies. Redditor qpon has titled it their ‘Night King is not stupid’ theory.

The White Walkers have arrived at the gates of Winterfell.
The White Walkers have arrived at the gates of Winterfell.

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The theory says that the Night King realises him and his army does not stand a great chance against all the heroes, the Dothraki army, the Unsullied army and the two fire breathing dragons. “If you play out what the battle of Winterfell would be like in your head if the NK+Viserion would be there... it would be easy for Drogon/Rhaegal to take out the zombie dragon; it’s 2v1 and wight’s all can be killed by fire.. including Viserion. It would not be difficult to simply fly up to Viserion and breathe fire on him, and that would be that. THE NIGHT KING IS NOT STUPID, not enough to kamikaze his most powerful asset. - If you have a superweapon that you can’t use against a particular target, then you find a different target,” the Redditor has written in their post.

They also mention how Bran’s vision from season 4 might finally come true. Of all the things he saw upon touching the Weirwood tree, only two remain unrealised. We haven’t seen the shadow of a dragon falling on King’s Landing or the destroyed throne room. Even Daenerys has seen the throne room covered in fog and ice in her vision in season 2.

Daenerys in the throne room in her vision.
Daenerys in the throne room in her vision.


The images could have provided us clues to how the whole thing ends almost six years later. It could be that we were shown only a dragon’s shadow could have been to hide the fact that it was a zombie dragon and not one of Dany’s.

The Night King might bring the cold with him to King’s Landing and perhaps even increase his army by turning the people of the capital on his side. There are also 20,000 men of the Golden Company and the men brought to Cersei by Euron Greyjoy.



So while Jon, Dany and others are busy fighting the White Walkers and the Wights in Winterfell, they might soon realise how all of them are still not here. Also, Bronn is on his way to Winterfell to kill Jaime and Tyrion from King’s Landing. Could it be that he spots the Night King flying past on his way? May be he will be the one to break the news to the rest.

The theory sounds quite logical considering the Battle of Winterfell comes smack dab in the middle of the season in its third episode. What happens in the next three? Maybe we will witness a final, bigger war in King’s Landing in the final and or the famously amazing penultimate episode of the season.

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