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'I've been a bachelor all my life'

Couch potatoes still remember him as Maddy of Jassi. Catch Rajesh Khera in a candid tête-à-tête with Reema Gehi.
Hindustan Times | By Reema Gehi
UPDATED ON JUL 03, 2007 04:28 PM IST

In the early 1990s, he played a spate of bad guys on TV. And his devil-inspired Onida commercial became an emblem for edgy advertising in those times.

Today, he careens between television and films. Some years ago, he played the gay fashion designer Maddy in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin.

More recently, he was seen with Rahul Bose in the cricket drama, Chain Kulli Ki Main Kuli. So, what's up with Mr Khera?

Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli has tanked commercially. Mixing cricket with movies isn't exactly a lucrative combo..
The film has been received well in the multiplexes.. the kids have loved it. Movies and cricket are two passions that Indians can't do without.

Hadn't you signed a Canadian film?
Yes, it's called Partition. I've also acted in another English film, The Whisperers. As for Hindi ones, there's Speed, Brahm, Sirf and Victoria no 203.

After playing Maddy in Jassi.. weren't you asked to repeat the character in other shows?
Yes, that did happen actually. I was getting the same role.. if it's a homosexual character, directors had stopped looking beyond me. I was like, "Yaar, give me a break."

That serial in a way was pathbreaking for all the actors. Each character stood out. The fact that directors wanted me to replay it meant that I'd given Maddy some believability value.

You have been around for over a decade.. but you haven't had any major breakthrough in either films or TV. Why?
(Thinks hard) I don't know.. I'm bad at analysing. I've remained a small fish in a big pond. The good thing about my career has been that I've made an impact with my characters.

It's equally true that I've lost out on many good roles. I haven't done my PR right. Even my juniors are more clever at handling the media than I am.

Why haven't you married yet?
It's surprising but I have been a bachelor all my life. (Laughs) Girls keep coming in.. but there's been no pure love.

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