Nach Baliye 9: Anuj Sachdeva stands by Urvashi Dholakia, says ‘judges forgot to comment on our act’

Anuj Sachdeva, who has been eliminated from Nach Baliye along with ex-girlfriend Urvashi Dholakia, regrets that his presence was not acknowledged by the judges.
Anuj Sachdeva says he and ex-girlfriend Urvashi Dholakia participated on Nach Baliye 9.
Anuj Sachdeva says he and ex-girlfriend Urvashi Dholakia participated on Nach Baliye 9.
Updated on Aug 29, 2019 04:10 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByRuchi Kaushal

Actor Anuj Sachdeva, who participated on dance reality show Nach Baliye with ex-girlfriend Urvashi Dholakia, has been eliminated from the competition and regrets not being acknowledged by the judges. The two were among the few participants who left their past behind for the new concept introduced by show’s producer Salman Khan.

After Urvashi called the show fictional in an explosive interview, Anuj has now spoken about what bothers him after their exit. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Anuj opened up about his relationship with Urvashi and what went wrong that led to their early exit. Excerpts:

How was the experience on the show?

“I have never even danced at an event so performing on a show was very new to me. The only thing that disappointed me was that my expectations were very high and I thought my presence will be acknowledged. I wanted to prove myself as a performer. There were a couple of people who thought that I had two left feet. I had once attended a hip hop workshop but had dropped out just after the second class. I always felt shy dancing in front of someone.

“My only complaint is I came and I left and the show was over even before I could realise. I can complain only when there is some acknowledgement. I didn’t get the opportunity to prove my stance. No one gave me any comment in particular after my dance performances which was disappointing. No one talked about me.I didn’t realise if I was progressing or I was regressing. No one pointed out my flaws so I could work on them. I was looking forward to the judges’ comments. There I felt a setback. Otherwise I was happy with the platform and the channel. It doesn’t matter if the show happened or didn’t happen as I could not prove my presence.”


Would you call your and Urvashi’s exit unfair?

“That’s judges’ call entirely. I m very critical about my performance and would always see that as lacking in something. Some people told me that it was flawless. At least I should have been told about what was lacking in my performance. I don’t even know why I got less marks. Not even a single comment was made. We were at the bottom since day one but never got the opportunity to analyse the comments and realise what was wrong so that we could improve.

“Imagine you go to your office regularly but no one acknowledges your presence! If your presence and absence doesn’t matter, you will yourself think about quitting. If no one praises you for your work, even you will believe that you are not doing good work. It’s not about money, you need that praise and acknowledgement.

“I didn’t understand whether it was the format or the judges forgot to comment on our act. Even at the time when we were voted out, the jolt was not that we were eliminated, we were shocked with no comments being made about us.
I told the judges during our exit, ‘I was always looking forward to your comments which I never got.’

“I think what I earned on the show is that I started at 80 and reached 92. I can’t be asking for their comments so the score is the only thing I can understand. My potential was never explored at all. If you don’t ask me the right question, how will I give you masala content? I can’t scream or fight like other contestants to give you the content. I can’t do extra drama because its a dance show and all I can do is try to perform well as per my potential.”

Urvashi has said that the show is fictional and drama is given more priority than talent.

“I have told you my concern. She has a different thought process and I have my own understanding. I respect the fact what she is and what she does. I can’t comment further. We have that maturity between us. We had a chemistry better than some couples. We have reached a point which is way beyond that.”


How was it to work with Urvashi for the first time?

“We had our own share of fights. We have known each other but have never worked together. We both have a different way of working but we don’t like to wash our laundry in public. There may be people who must be interested in showing their fights on the show. Does the audience want to watch that? Are they learning anything from the show?”

Was it nostalgic to perform with Urvashi?

“There are moments when we actually got back together and recalled what we have done so many times. But we know where we stand today. We enjoy where we are. We are content. We have fun and understand each other well. I was never verbal about my emotions. The number of times I said ‘I love you’ during our performance to the song, Kaate Nahi Kat te, I must not have said it that many times during our relationship.”


Was it difficult to coordinate on the dance floor?

“There were a few difficulties in coordination. She likes to watch it, understand it and then do it. And I like to do it repeatedly until I master it. She gets tired practising with me and I also get tired doing it her way. If there is a change in the step, it becomes difficult for me. She is good with expressions and I focus more on the steps. Both these sides are important for a dance performance. If you cover up all your weaknesses, that’s called chance pe dance.”

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Have you moved ahead in life?

“No one knows what will happen in life. Usually, things don’t go as planned. I was not ready for the responsibilities then. It was 10 years ago and was new in Mumbai and all by myself. When you have no vision and no priorities, you can’t suddenly take up such a big responsibility. It’s better to make it clear at the correct time than wasting someone’s time. I am now more mature but the moment has passed. I just wish whatever happens, happens for good.”

Are you single right now? You were called ‘chic magnet’ during your time on Roadies.

“Yes, I am single. People used to call me cute at that time. Now I am out of that zone.”

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