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Online video pokes fun at Kejriwal, AAP takes it in ‘right’ spirit

When AIB decided to spoof Arvind Kejriwal, they added Alok Nath to their trademark brand of funnies. So as far as spoofs go, Nayak 2 – The common man rises is super funny. And it has babuji's aashirwaad too!

tv Updated: Jan 29, 2014 10:34 IST

What happens when #yokejriwalissohonest and #aloknath come together? A completely madcap, take with a pinch-of-salt spoof on "the making of Arvind Kejriwal".

And our very own sanskaari babuji stars in it as, lo and behold, himself.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose rise to power has been compared with Anil Kapoor-starrer Nayak, has been the target of online spoofs and satires.

This time, he has become the 'muse' for popular comedy channel on Youtube, All India Bakchod.

AIB uploaded a video titled Nayak 2, fetauring Aloknath in the lead.

There is a fraction of second when you see the cover of The Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat while a voice from background says, "Tum IIT se ho, koi ghisi piti book likho!" (You are an IIT product, you should write some run-of-the-mill book).

Interestingly, there is a boy spying at the corner of the house when a voice calls out, "Somnath! That's creepy." No reminders required who is the target here!

'Babuji' Alok Nath then makes his entry. Advising Kejriwal that he must look like a common man to fight for them, the actor says, "Chaukidaar ka maflar udhaar lo."

Making of the party logo, too, is quite interesting. They begin with vacuum cleaner and end up with the broom, bringing down the "high class factor" in the symbol.

The video then moves on to joke on Alok Nath's sanskari image.

Ending on a classic note, director Hussain Dalal as Kejriwal tells reporters, "Do minute rukiye main dharna kar ke aata hun." (Please wait for two minutes, I will be back from a dharna).

Directed by Kumar Devanshu, it is a spoof, not a satire, on the whole rising of Arvind Kejriwal, his party, government formation and subsequent developments.

Spoofs on political parties are not new. But what’s uncommon is party members taking the spoof on their party in the right spirit and sharing it with the aam aadmi. The video has been conceptualised by a comedy collective, called All India Bakchod.

While the video, called Nayak 2: The Common Man Rises, has already had a million hits, it was AAP leader Yogender Yadav retweeting the video saying “I loved this take off on Arvind bhai! Hope you enjoy it too” that got the political party applause.

“While many political parties do not take things in the right spirit, the AAP leadership shows they have a sense of humour. See, they are aam aadmi after all,” says Akash Krishna, a lawyer, who,too, watched the video.

In fact, Yadav himself got a few tweets congratulating him for “setting an example”. One such tweet read: @insanebaba: @AapYogendra @ArvindKejriwal Thank you for setting an example, that there are some people who can take jokes as JOKES”. People are delighted to see that there is a political party that can laugh at themselves. “How many political parties can laugh at themselves? AAP definitely can. Thumbs up to them,” says Garima Sharma, a teacher.

The makers of the video also praised the AAP leader for being a sport. They tweeted: @AllIndiaBakchod: @AapYogendra Thank you! You are a sport and we’re fans! Keep going strong!

The video has also provoked a few AAP supporters. However, the makers say they “have received messages from several people from AAP and a bunch of senior leaders from the party have also retweeted the video”.

(with inputs from HT Correspondent)