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Psycho-analysing Bigg Boss

It’s been 36 days since celeb inmates have been locked up for a well-rated public view — Bigg Boss 3. We got a psychologist to find out which contestant needs emotional help or lessons in anger management.

tv Updated: Nov 11, 2009 21:49 IST
Sujata Reddy

This show’s got the eyeballs thanks to a queer mix of participants who can bicker at the drop of a hat. But, an attempt to get a professional to psychoanalyse the 13 Bigg Boss inmates revealed that the reality show is on the hate list of almost the entire fraternity. “I wouldn’t recommend the show to anyone. Being confined in a house brings out the worst in everyone and the audience seems to be enjoying this,” said a city-based psychiatrist.

It was hard to find a psychiatrist who followed the show, before we met Dr Anjali Chhabria who caught all the fights and tamasha on the initial episodes of the show.

“The French word, voyeur means the one who looks. According to the definition the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of interest, but may observe the subject from a distance. Have we gone down to becoming voyeurs? Are we, the Indian audience so stressed that we have reduced our self to watching negativity of other people’s lives for entertainment or have we lost purpose in our own lives?” asks Chhabria. Giving an example of how these shows affect relationships in real life, Chabbria says: “Recently I met a man who had a problem with his wife as she had no time for sex because she was too busy watching reality shows like Bigg Boss.”

“The concept of Bigg Boss seems to be something like what was practiced in prisons in the olden days where people were confined to a restricted place and left alone without any activities, which pushed them to be frustrated and hence break down emotionally,” she says, adding that the emotional drama, due to constant negative reactions, gossip, conflicts etc is what makes this show popular. Chhabria analysed the behaviour of each contestant in the house and here’s what she found...

Tanaaz Irani: It seems she likes being the “drama queen” along with being the “victim”. Definitely a very people pleasing person, she is not very loud and has a diplomatic attitude that has worked well for her. Being so nice and calm when your husband has abused you and your family on national television definitely shows how people’s view matters to her. Constantly just preaching about positivity when things have gone wrong and been bad may not be important. Before preaching comes acceptance.
Verdict: Facing situations boldly and assertively when required is more important than rather just being sugar sweet to all.

Bakhtiyaar Irani: He has a lot of issues with emotional stability. Handling a new environment, adjustments with different kind of people and accepting differences in personality seem to be the problems here. Extremely impulsive in his reactions along with a rigid and righteous attitude is what goes against him on this show. Bakhtiyaar seems to be short-tempered and insecure having no control over his emotions which was displayed well when he had all the nasty things to say to his wife about herself and her family. It was a completely immature and childish act.
Verdict: Anger-management along with effective interpersonal skills training would definitely help him grow as a person.

Rohit Verma: He seems to have a highlighted a need for attention, acceptance and conspicuousness. Rohit tends to feel that he is very special and may also often exaggerate his own abilities. He may make a first good impression as he is able to express his feelings with a flair for the dramatic, and natural ability to draw attention to them. He also seems to be colourful and has a good sense of humour.
Verdict: He could have a mixture histrionic and narcissist personality.

Ismail Darbar: Definitely more mature, Ismail didn’t seem like someone with too many issues. He came across as a generous, warm-hearted person who kept to himself but at the same time had an independent strong mind of his own.
Verdict: He seems to be a little egoistic yet stable in controlling emotions.

Poonam Dhillon: Years of experience may have made her mature in handling situations and also quite calm and composed.
Verdict: She seems to be more in control of her emotions while her diplomatic behaviour with all contestants helps in keeping the environment quite.

Kamaal Khan: In him we see, in clinical terms, a perfect combination of a Narcisstic-Histrionic-Antisocial Personality. He is confident, dramatic assumes that he is special and superior to most other people. He has been observed to have a tendency to exaggerate his abilities and positive attributes, emphasise on his past achievements, and depreciate those who refuse to accept his inflated self-image.
Verdict: He came across as being aggressive, conceited and arrogant.

Jaya Sawant: She is colourful and emotional and is likely to seek stimulation, excitement and attention. There seems to be a pattern of getting deeply involved in situations and ending up bored along with a loud, exhibitionistic, and dramatic personality.
Verdict: This is what we categorise as a histrionic personality.

Shamita Shetty: She definitely seems to have low self-esteem and may see others as being more capable or worthwhile than herself. She is more of a followers than a leader. Shamita is very cooperative but also needs to find someone dependable who will protect and support her, at least emotionally. She also tends to form strong attachments with people who are good decision makers.
Verdict: These qualities would make her likely to have Dependent Personality which also leads to having a low stress tolerance level in difficult and pressurising situations.

Claudia Ciesla: A confident contestant. She seems to be high on her adjustment and adaptability levels as she has made a fantastic effort with learning a new language and being friendly with people from different cultures. She definitely seems to be independent, intellectual and practical as she has set her goals right. She seems to be smart enough to not let herself get carried away with too many emotions and attachments with the rest of the contestants at the same time having great relations with all.
Verdict: Her intelligence also seems to help her be positively assertive when required in situations instigated by others.

Sherlyn Chopra: She may fall into the borderline personality trap where there seems to be instability in terms of moods, interpersonal relationships and self-image. She also seems to be impulsive and over emotional. Sometimes, her effective responses tend to be liable, at times showing apathy and numbness and at other times they demonstrate an excessive amount of intensity or involvement. Sadness, hopelessness and aimlessness may be underlying a more obvious emotional response in her case. Such individuals may have significant problems with authority and resent any control placed on them.
Verdict: She has feelings of dependence and loneliness, fears of abandonment which point at traits of the borderline personality.

Aditi Gowitrikar: Quite intellectual, patient, adaptable, persistent and determined. Along with this, she also seems to be ‘smart enough’, someone who knows when to talk what and how much.
Verdict: She may be quite confident, communicative and superficial, yet reliable.

Vindu Dara Singh: He is the one playing the mind games. A manipulative and diplomatic personality who’s only aim is to win the game. He may come across as a very bossy, interfering, dogmatic and intolerant personality.
Verdict: He has traits of a narcissistic personality such as, inflated self-worth, over-confidence, not being able to take criticism well and enjoys leading groups.

Raju Srivastav: He seems to be quite practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient and a careful person. Also very humorous and reserved at the same time a person with not too many issues or hang-ups.
Verdict: Carefree and peaceful until instigated.

Vinod Kambli: He seems to be trying to make an effort to fit in and find his ground in the Big Boss house. Quite enthusiastic, friendly and balanced, he seems to be making good adjustments to be liked by the other contestants and viewers.

Pravesh Rana: He comes across as charming and flirtatious at the moment. He is also quite confident and carefree towards the game though he may be more involved with his impression with the opposite sex.