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School bell ringing...

Child stars Shriya Sharma, Aman Siddiqui and Krrish Karnavat speak to Rachana Dubey about school and friends.
Hindustan Times | By Rachana Dubey
UPDATED ON JUN 13, 2008 04:16 PM IST

Are you ready to go back to school?
Shriya: (Thrilled) Yes. I love studying. I have my books, stationery, bag, water bottle everything ready My school . reopens on June 10.
Aman: Yes. I've been studying throughout my vacation for the next semester. My school opens on June 9. I'll meet my classmates once again.
Krrish: Absolutely I enjoy studies. I stood second in my class last year. I know poems, A to Z, and can count from one to 100, too.

What if it's raining that day?
Shriya: Oh, I'd love that. But I wish it doesn't rain when we want to play I wish it rains when I'm coming home from school. I can get wet then.
Aman: I'll still go with ammi or abbu. I enjoy going to school when it rains. I can get wet on days when it's sunny in the morning, and raining when I'm leaving for home.
Krrish: I'll go to school even if it rains. I love school.

What are your favourite subjects?
Maths and science. I like reading about stars and planets. I want to become an astronomer.
Aman: Science, history, geography and art. I like to draw, I write short stories also.

Which subjects do you dread?
Shriya: Hindi. I don't dread it but it's a little difficult with its matras.
Aman: Maths and English grammar.

What did you do in your vacation?
Shriya: I just wrapped up shooting a few days ago. I loved to work with Shah Rukh (actor) uncle. He's the best. He's my favourite hero.
Krrish: I was shooting all the time. On the sets, they give me bike rides and chocolates.

What will you be up to on the last weekend in your vacation?
Shriya: I'll go swimming, skating... actually just play till I drop. I haven't done that during these holidays.
Aman: I'll play with my friends and watch TV.
Krrish: I'm shooting.

Who are your best friends?
Shriya: I have three - Sunidhi, Shreya and Shrinidhi. We play throughout the day We don't study together because then we get distracted.
Aman: Karan, Folash, Pavan and Trisha. A few days ago, we had a small picnic in my garden.
Krrish: Shakti, Prathamesh, Priti, Adi bhaiyya, Moksha and Vedank.

Which movies do you like?
Shriya: I loved Om Shanti Om. I can watch it any number of times. I was in Los Angeles when it released. I wanted to go to Disneyland. It was close to the place where we were shooting. But then, I came to know that OSO was running a nearby cinema. I watched OSO in LA.
Aman:Om Shanti Om and Bhoothnath. I like Shah Rukh uncle and Amitabh uncle.
Krrish: Race, Don and Harry Potter.

What do you watch on television?
Shriya: All SRK movies, Scooby Doo and Power Puff Girls.
Aman: Cricket. I play well. I catch an episode or two of Takeshi's castle on Pogo channel.
Krrish: Ben10 Superhero. I watch all the cartoons on Pogo and Cartoon Network.

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