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Wither #DailySoapLogics: Now showing on a small screen in your living room

Did you say logic and Indian daily soaps in the same sentence sound grammatically wrong? Exactly. So here's listing out things that pass off as logic only in our 'much-loved' daily soaps.

tv Updated: Oct 29, 2014 17:10 IST
Sweta Kaushal
Sweta Kaushal
Hindustan Times

It's true: Logic and Indian daily soaps in the same sentence makes for a terrible grammatical mistake. You'been suffering it since the


days, and the plots of our television serials show no signs of turning cerebral any time soon. here's listing out things that pass off as logic only in our 'much-loved' daily soaps:

1. The kids always grow up, but the parents seldom age

When the producers feel the audience has had enough of Parvati-centric twists, the daughter is brought into the picture. What you then get is a giant leap, and the same faces come dressed in 'modern clothes'. Or, considering that most in the industry are creatively challenged, you may have a few different faces in some cases, but the mother never looks a day older! She remains as young as ever. Be it grandmas or moms, parents do not age. Period.

2. Dinner tables are meant for snapping at family, not eating

You can never have a family meal. In our serials, dinner tables are for conniving plans against the sister-in-law or snapping at your brother-in-law. Basically, it's the place where you do all your scheming. But then eating isn't an evil act, who does that on a dinner table, anyways? Makeup is ETERNAL

The makeup of daily soap women is ETERNAL. They can be going through a real bad financial phase in life, but they will still have at least two gold necklaces and some designer sarees or suits to match up. They might have had a fight, kissed their boyfriend/husband or worked the whole day, but the makeup does not smudge or fade away. May be the producers should start their own line of makeup products.

4. Plastic surgery changes height

When a character has an accident and returns with a plastic surgery, so that no one in the family recognises (too simple, isn't it?), it's not just the face that changes. A plastic surgery in a daily soap adds or takes away from your height as well! (Actor replacement you say? Hush! That's outside daily soaps!)

5. No one really dies

A character dies, the family cremates the body. But that doesn't really have anything to do with the fact that he/she WILL return. Mainly because you can't be fighting with the biggest producers in the industry and stay there too. You've got to patch up and return to that emotional drama your fans loved you for. Plus, we have imaginative scriptwriters in the industry: they do a wonderful job of dishing out the best reason why the dead return -- you know, I wanted to see how you react when I'm gone, I had to do this to fight the villians and the likes.

What is your take on the logic that exists in our daily soaps? Share your thoughts in the comment box below or tell us on Twitter @htshowbiz or @swetakaushal.

First Published: Oct 29, 2014 16:56 IST