Watch | Rainforest in the deserts of UAE

UPDATED ON SEP 02, 2016 06:30 PM IST
About The Video

In a hot, dusty season in the desert people often dream of finding an oasis. Dubai is now home to Green Planet, a rainforest attraction where residents and tourists can escape and discover a luscious green world. With 3000 plants and 800 animals, visitors can now experience the tropical creatures from all over world including many species of birds, lizards and even a sloth. Not just that, it is also certified by LEED, which means that there is a certain level of energy conservation. For example, they use very little water in the fall and the water is recycled! They maintain tropical temperature and humidity. The tickets to this beautiful oasis in the desert cost around 95 Emirati dirhams or $25 for adults and 70 dirhams or $19 for children.


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