Australia and india look beyond cricket.

A joint taskforce on Australia-India relations, sponsored by the Australia India Institute, issued a report with 31 recommendations on how to improve relations

world Updated: Jul 17, 2012 23:24 IST

The Beyond the Lost Decade report said a “mixture of flawed policy and flawed perception” has come in the way of the countries optimising commonalities. Relations between the two countries, strained by the attacks on Indian students in 2009-10 and Australia’s refusal to sell uranium to India, have now turned the corner.

The report made 31 recommendations to New Delhi and Canberra to take relations further.

Offer visa extensions/concessions to Indian students affected by changes to Australian immigration regulations post-2009, and as of now required to leave by December 31, 2012

Restructure the territorial divisions of India’s ministry of external affairs by hiving off Australia and Oceania into a new unit outside the current Southern Division

Consider a policy of visas-on-arrival for Australian citizens coming to India

Explore joint overseas aid operations between India’s Development Partnership Administration Division and AusAID in third countries

Fund studies by the Australia Institute of Criminology into the issue of racism and crime, with special reference to the attacks on Indian students

Invite the Indian regiments which fought in the battle of Gallipoli to come to Australia to celebrate the World War I battle’s centenary

Set up an educational rating system for Australian universities and a redressal system for complaints by foreign students in the country.

First Published: Jul 17, 2012 23:22 IST