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Gene gives humans edge over apes

Researchers have discovered a new gene which they say helps explain how humans evolved from chimpanzees.

world Updated: Nov 16, 2012 01:28 IST

Researchers have discovered a new gene which they say helps explain how humans evolved from chimpanzees.

The gene, called miR-941, is carried only by humans and it appeared after humans evolved from apes and played a crucial role in human brain development and could shed light on how we learned to use tools and language.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh showed that miR-941 had an important part in the development of the human brain and can even help explain how we acquire language and learn to use tools.

Unexplained infertility decoded
Washington: A new research from Queen's University Belfast has uncovered the cause of unexplained infertility, providing fresh hope to couples with the condition.

The research reveals 80% couples with unexplained infertility have a detectable cause known as high sperm DNA damage.

The new study is the first of its kind and will lead to better treatment for these couples, saving them time, money and heartache. ANI

Sunita Williams set for return
Houston: Sunita Williams and the two co-astronauts on her expedition are winding down their last week aboard the International Space Station, beginning a countdown for the return to Earth of the record setting Indian American cosmonaut after four months in orbit.

The home-bound trio of Williams, Flight Engineers Aki Hoshide and Yuri Malenchenko, will undock on Monday at 3:56am IST and land in Kazakhstan at 7:23am.

Mission managers have completed their Soyuz TMA-05M landing readiness review and there will be a ceremonial change of command from Williams to Flight Engineer Kevin Ford on Saturday, reports said.

Facebook examines 'Facefood' logo
London: A new juice shop has been opened in the UK that bears a striking resemblance to Facebook's logo.

The sign outside the juice bar, located in Cardiff, Wales, named 'Facefood' looks exactly like the Facebook logo.

The manager of Facefood said many people had been taking pictures of the distinctive facade. Facebook has confirmed it is examining the use of the sign, the BBC reports.

Facefood manager Samir Bougaci, who is originally from Algeria and who now lives in Cardiff, said the business had not sought permission from Facebook.

"We have not spoken with Facebook - we have not heard from them," the report quoted him, as saying.

Bougaci said he did not believe there would be ramifications as a result of adopting the design.

Diabetes can make you deaf, not just blind
Washington: Diabetes doesn't just cause blindness - it could also make you deaf, a new study has warned.

According to researchers, patients with diabetes have a significantly higher prevalence of hearing impairment than patients without the disease.

They note that the finding is likely to be independent of the effect of ageing or a noisy environment.

The number of those with impaired hearing more than doubled in the period from 1995 to 2004, researchers said.

Epidemiologically, several health problems in relation to hearing impairment have been reported such as depression and dementia.

Recently several studies have investigated the relationship between diabetes and hearing impairment but their findings were inconsistent.

"In our study we found that persons with diabetes had more than two times higher prevalence of hearing impairment than those without," researchers said. PTI