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Life,the universe & everything

Life,the universe & everything

world Updated: Nov 06, 2012 00:25 IST

‘UK has invaded 90% of the world’
London: Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world in its long and colourful history, a new research has found.

The new study found that at various times the British have invaded almost 90% of the countries around the globe. The analysis of the histories of almost 200 countries in the world found that only 22 countries were never invaded by the British.

Among this group of nations were far-off countries such as Guatemala, Tajikistan, the Marshall Islands and Luxembourg. The analysis is contained in a new book All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To. - ANI

Heartbeat to power your pace-maker
London: Scientists have developed a ‘promising’ device that uses energy from a beating heart to power a pace-maker, eliminating the need for surgeries to replace batteries.

Researchers claim the experimental device converts energy from a beating heart to provide enough electricity to power a pacemaker. Researchers tested an energy-harvesting device that uses piezoelectricity — charge generated from motion. - PTI

Bond-style invisible car coming soon
London: The invisible car that James Bond drove in a high-speed car race across a frozen lake in Die Another Day could soon be a reality.

Japanese researchers have developed a ‘transparent’ vehicle that projects the outside world on its interior. It is being designed in Tokyo to help drivers with parking, projecting a panoramic view of the area behind the car onto the rear seats.

The view would include children, animals, or objects such as bollards that may be invisible below the rear window. The car appears transparent from the inside, allowing drivers to ‘see through’ the rear bodywork. How it works? Two cameras on the boot lid capture a full view of the scene behind the car. - ANI

Being perfectionist lies in your genes
London: If you are a perfectionist — your parents are probably to blame, say researchers at the Michigan State University.

The pursuit of perfection runs in families and is determined by your genes, the scientists claimed. They found the link by studying the twin registry and comparing the personalities of identical and non-identical female twins.

Identical twins have the same genetic make-up so if a personality trait is determined by nurture alone, they should be just as likely as non-identical twins to share it.

But a study found identical twins had much closer scores on measures of perfectionism and anxiety than non-identical twins. This indicated that perfectionism can be attributed to a person’s parents. - ANI

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