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Trump too divisive, lacks temperament to lead US: Clinton campaign

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign said on Tuesday that Donald Trump is “too divisive” and lacks temperament to be the United States president.

us presidential election Updated: May 04, 2016 23:05 IST
Donald Trump,US presidential elections,Hillary Clinton
Supporters of US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential Donald Trump cheer outside a campaign event in Williamson, West Virginia.(Reuters Photo)

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign said on Tuesday that Donald Trump is “too divisive” and lacks temperament to be the United States president.

“Fundamentally, our next president will need to do two things -- keep our nation safe in a dangerous world and help working families get ahead here at home. Donald Trump is not prepared to do either,” John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, said on Tuesday.

“Throughout this campaign, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is too divisive and lacks the temperament to lead our nation and the free world. With so much at stake, Donald Trump is simply too big of a risk,” he said.

Clinton has proven that she has the strength to keep us safe in an uncertain world and a lifelong record of fighting to break down the barriers -- economic and social -- that hold working families back, Podesta said.

“While Donald Trump seeks to bully and divide Americans, Hillary Clinton will unite us to create an economy that works for everyone,” he said.

The Clinton campaign sought donation from its supporters after Trump, 69, won the Indiana primary and while Trump’s nearest rival, Texas senator, Ted Cruz crashed out of the race, becoming the presumptive Republican nominee.

The Democratic Party launched an attack on Trump and the Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Trump is the Republican Party.

“Ted Cruz may have been the least-liked politician in Washington but Trump is one of the least liked men in America and Democrats will hold him accountable for his offensive rhetoric, dangerous ideas and lack of judgement every single day between today and November 8.”

“The decades-old Republican strategy of exploiting unfounded fear of immigrants, minorities, the poor, the LGBT community and more, all for political gain, have laid the groundwork for Donald Trump,” Schultz said.

He said Democrats won’t hesitate to fight for American people who share our values of inclusion, hard work, dignity and opportunity for all.

“We will hold Republicans on the ballot at every level accountable for their standard bearer,” he said.

Senator Bernie Sanders, 74, of the Democratic Party who narrowly defeated Hillary in the Indiana primary, said that Trump should never become the US president.

“We understand that we have an uphill climb to victory but we have been fighting uphill from the first day of this campaign. We are in this campaign to win and we are going to fight until the last vote is cast. There is nothing I would like more than to take on and defeat Donald Trump, someone who must never become president of this country,” Sanders told his supporters in Indiana’s New Albany.

First Published: May 04, 2016 12:35 IST