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Why do people betray?

india Updated: Jul 05, 2010 23:24 IST

One of the bitter experiences in life is being betrayed. Betrayal is serious because it destroys trust, and without trust there can be no relationships. Without trust, society, families, institutions and most certainly a marriage cannot function. Betrayal shakes a person to his core because it ruptures his ability to trust.

What causes people to betray the trust that has been placed in them? There could be three reasons.

The first is excessive ambition, greed, lust or passion. When a person cannot control is overcome with these vices, he’s liable to betray. A drug addict will betray the trust placed on him because his addiction is overpowering. It is greater than any sense of loyalty, integrity or honesty he may have. A person's need to be wealthy and lead a luxurious life may cause him to steal, embezzle or misuse information given to him in confidence. Overpowering sexual attraction may also cause a person to betray his marriage.

The second reason could be a feeling that betrayal is necessary to achieve a greater good. Betrayal in this instance is not considered evil but a holy act. A person may feel that in order to save another person's life/soul it’s ok to betray him.

The third reason could be because people like to prove how smart they are. Many people like to play with others’ minds, manipulate lives just to stir up trouble.

Betrayal is terrible because it causes the person who has been betrayed to question his ability to trust again and it also causes them to question their own judgement. . It destroys their confidence in themselves.

Let no one of us over lose our confidence or our ability to trust others because of some people. Let’s hope and pray that they will always be those because of whom we will be able to maintain our trust in mankind.