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Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

Tired of Gandhigiri? Try Bhagatgiri and Netagiri!

Like Gandhi, our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose had their own modus operandi and philosophies. Parmita Uniyal disovers the concepts of Bhagatgiri and Netagiri in today's context.

art-and-culture Updated: Aug 11, 2007 17:50 IST
Parmita Uniyal
Parmita Uniyal
Hindustan Times

'Aye tu zyada hi dadagiri karta hai, samajhta kya hai apne aap ko.' The word dadagiri has clear negative connotations, and the preacher of dadagiri would be an eyesore for all. But then, the filmi twist came, and from the word dadagiri originated Gandhigiri, thanks to Raj Kumar Hirani's Lage Raho Munnabhai that gave a new avatar to Gandhian philosophy.

But what exactly is Gandhigiri? While some feel it's a way of life, others think it's just cool. For theatre actor Shrish Dobhal, who played Gandhi in more than one serials of Doordarshan, Gandhigiri is more of a mass movement than an individual's movement. "Gandhigiri can work well when a lot of people have the same interest, but it fails to solve the individual problems."

So, if Gandhigiri is not applicable in every situation then what other options one can try? Remember our other freedom fighters like fiery Bhagat Singh and diplomatic Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. They had their own modus operandi and philosophies. Let's have a look if we can adopt Bhagatgiri and Netagiri in today's context. We will take the same situation as shown in the film Lage Raho Munnabhai.<b1>

Bhagatgiri: Munna's love interest Jhanvi has a bungalow called 'Second innings' which is the shelter for the distressed oldies that have lost hope from their own families. Lucky Singh, a greedy builder wants to snatch away this home for his own selfish reasons. Munna this time develops a chemical locha that makes him believe that Bhagat Singh is guiding him through this problem. What should Munna do? Bhagat Singh advises. "Drop a bomb outside the house of Lucky Singh and tell him- 'Mamu, apun tereko nuksan nahi pahuncharella. Bas makan khali kar daal"

Of course, Lucky Singh is not an easy nut to crack; he refuses to give away and files a case against Munna for dropping a bomb near his home. Munnabhai is too happy to have been jailed, for he feels that he can carry on his mission better this way.

Lucky Singh finds himself in trouble when he realises he has committed the biggest mistake of his life by sending Munna to jail. Circuit transforms this individual movement to a mass struggle and Munna finds himself riding in a sympathy wave. Zillions of people come out in support of Munna and Lucky Singh just can't help plucking his hair in distress.

Lucky Singh now knows what he has to do. He knows all the ghaplas Munnabhai has done in the past. He rakes up one such old ghapla and makes it a murder case.

Munnabhai decides to use the court as a tool to publicise his cause for the elderly. He admits to the murder and makes statements against Lucky Singh during the trial. Lucky Singh is more confused than ever. He has nearly plucked all the hair from his head and is now left with only few of them. He takes a decision.<b2>

Three days before the death sentence of Munnabhai, Lucky Singh comes to the jail in tears, returns the keys of Second Innings to Munna and hugs him. Lucky Singh is deeply touched with Munna's dedication to his cause and decided to work for the Second Innings as old people's caretaker. So sweet naa! That's Bhagatgiri...what say?

Netagiri: Behind every revolution, there is a chemical locha; maybe, not in real life, but in a typical Munnabhai situation. The bespectacled diplomatic Subhash Chandra Bose is looking at Munna fondly, promising to help him out of this trouble.

Milkha Singh is an NRI builder. He has been successful throughout his career and wants to carve out his niche in India. He has been duped by Lucky Singh and now wants to take revenge. Munnabhai's ever-reliable brother-cum-friend-cum-assistant Circuit passes this information to Munnabhai and Netaji quickly devises a plan and whispers the details to Munna.

Milkha Singh and Munnabhai have one common enemy- Lucky Singh. Munnabhai tells his plan to Milkha Singh and he silently listens. But, Milkha has some other things in mind- he does not want to limit his revenge to just recovering his losses; he wants to destroy Lucky Singh completely. Unaware of what's cooking in Milkha's mind, Munna is planning his strategies to get back his house and also help Milkha.

Lucky Singh gets the information of his two enemies getting together. He is perturbed. He is taking a stroll in a garden near his house, when two persons appear from nowhere and drag him to a huge black car. Lucky Singh finds himself in a secluded house. His mouth, hands and legs are tied. He recognises Milkha Singh who is talking over phone- "Munna tera aur mera dushman idhar hai." Milkha gives Munna the address of the house, where he has kept Lucky Singh.

Munna is confused; he seeks the advice of Bose again!

Munna comes with his gunda log and Lucky Singh is visibly sweating like a pig. Munnabhai comes near Lucky Singh, holds his chin and whispers- "Mamu, chinta nahi karne ka, apun hai na".

Munna rescues Lucky Singh and drops him at his home. With the door of his house half open, Lucky wipes a tear off his eye and shrieks- Munnnnaaaa...!!!!

Munnabhai stops and turns. Lucky Singh gives Munna a jaadoo ki jhappi and returns the keys of Second innings to him. Lucky also decides to give Milkha's dues to him and live happily ever after.

Bole to, Netagiri zindabaad!

First Published: Aug 10, 2007 15:12 IST