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The best way for you to study as per your zodiac sign

ByJahanvi Sharma
Mar 03, 2023 03:21 PM IST

If the environment is suitable we might study for hours and if it is not, then learning can become a tough nut to crack. With many having their yearly exams going on, let's read about the best way to study for them.

Aries: Aries students are highly energetic and love to study their favourite subjects. However, due to their very active minds, they can not concentrate on one topic for long hours and thus get frustrated. The best way for you to study is to break down your syllabus into small parts and target achieving them day by day.

Break down your syllabus into small parts and target achieving them day by day.
Break down your syllabus into small parts and target achieving them day by day.

Taurus: Taureans can study really well. These dedicated students will achieve what they want, no matter what. However, you need extreme silence or calm around you to study. Therefore, you should either study early morning or late at night, to make maximum use of your dedication.

Gemini: Geminis, you love to share knowledge. You would love to learn a lesson while discussing it with a friend. However, you tend to get bored easily and therefore a change of place from time to time might be the best option for you.

Cancer: Cancerians love the comfort of the known. The best place for you to study would be in your own room, beginning with difficult lessons and moving on to the easier ones. Also, try keeping your phone away while studying.

Leo: Most of the time, you might find yourself studying a week or a night before the exam. Learning for you is never an in-depth process. You mostly like to understand the concept and go on from there. However, creating notes for the same would help your memory even better.

Virgo: Virgos, learn to target one chapter at a time. Even when burdened with loads of lessons, studying them together will only confuse you more. Therefore, go step by step. You can practice writing down your notes for an even better understanding.

Libra: Study groups with your studious friends could be a good idea for you Libra. Just like you try to keep balance in life, try giving equal hours to all the subjects. Make a routine and follow it through.

Scorpio: Learn better time management skills, Scorpio. While you may be one of the best students out there due to your planned ways of studying, you might give excess time to one subject and then have lesser for the next. A cup of coffee, with your notes on your table, is the best environment for you to study in.

Sagittarius: The concept of time or routine is no longer your friend. Yes, you believe in studying smart but it can be done when there is still time left and not a night before the exam. Sagittarius, try sharing your goals with your friends who can pressurise you to study. The best time for you to study is at night with a detailed list of tasks.

Capricorn: Compete with yourself. You are the most dedicated of them all, but you tend to be worried about your competitors which will not be fruitful in the longer run. Therefore, focus on yourself and your lessons. Also, try to take some refreshment breaks to either sleep or just talk to someone.

Aquarius: You pave your own way. You tend to decide you want to do this today and might give your whole day and finish it. It all depends on your mood. However, try preparing your lessons in a serialised manner for better organisation mentally.

Pisces: Daily goals are your best friends. A lesson of one subject at a particular time will help you to best achieve your goals. Try speaking your lessons out loud for better memory.

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