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MP govt pressuring me, but I will fight: slain IPS officer's father

Keshav Dev, father of murdered IPS officer Narendra Kumar, says CM asked him to keep quiet on the issue.
Hindustan Times | By Sravani Sarkar, Bhopal
UPDATED ON MAR 10, 2012 06:36 PM IST

“I have no hopes from the MP government, but I would leave no stones unturned to get justice for my son and approach the Supreme Court if needed,” a composed but clearly enraged Keshav Dev, father of slain IPS officer Narendra Kumar, told HT in a telephonic interview on Saturday. “My brave son is dead, so I don’t have any love for my life anymore. I’m ready to die to get him justice.”

Talking to HT on telephone from his hometown Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, Keshav Dev, who is in his late fifties, said the MP government was indulging in doublespeak on his son’s killing.

“I was pressured by the MP government, including the chief minister who talked to me on telephone. He asked me to keep quiet, promising that there would be justice for my son. But immediately afterwards, the home minister and senior police officials came out with statements saying that it was a common accident and not a planned murder. How do I believe them?” said Dev, who is a sub-inspector of police in UP himself. “I was silent since Friday afternoon to this morning. But now I’m enraged and I will speak. I will speak out loud and clear and ensure I get justice from wherever I can.”

MP government spokesman Narottam Mishra, when asked about the Dev’s allegation that the government and the chief minister had asked him to keep quiet on the issue, said he was not aware of this as he was out of station and the state home minister should be contacted for comments. State home minister Umashankar Gupta did not respond to calls or text messages from HT till filing of this report.

“We gave Madhya Pradesh a diamond, but what did we get back? Only ashes [mortal remains Narendra]. Did we deserve this?” Dev asked.

Keshav Dev reiterated that the family wants a CBI inquiry into the killing and alleged once more that the mining mafia was involved in the murder. “My son had told me that the local town inspector (TI) did not make available staff to him and refused to take action against the mafia saying that he (the TI) was under pressure and had to bring up his children. What does that mean? My son was left alone to fend for himself,” Dev alleged.

He added that the MP government should clearly spell out who had accompanied Narendra on his chase of the killer tractor-trolley and what role they played in the incident. “Bring them before the people and clarify their role. Were they standing and watching my son get killed?” the bereaved father said.

Dev said he was told that Narendra, after learning that the tractor-trolley was on its way, had asked the in-charge of the local police station to barricade the road and post police force there. But only barricading was done and no personnel deployed, allowing the tractor driver to turn the vehicle back and go on to mow Narendra down during the chase. He said all these factors should be points of investigation.

“But what is your government doing? What results has it come up with in three days? Has it even questioned the TI of the local police station, let alone take action against him?” he asked.

Dev said that his daughter-in-law had told him that BJP MLA Mohan Sharma had told her following an argument during her tenure as Rajgarh district panchayat CEO that “anyone who learns two letters and becomes an IAS thinks too much of oneself”.

“If they have such low opinion of the IAS/IPS cadre, why do they look for an IAS match for their daughters? Better marry them to politicians,” Dev remarked.

Narendra’s grandfather and cousin were visiting him on the fateful Holi day. The officer received a phone call and told his grandfather that he had to go and would be back for lunch with them, Dev said. But the young man never returned home.

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