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Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a noble film with sincere performances

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a noble film, a film that has its heart in the right place. The best part about the movie is its sincere performances. It's the predictability which pulls the story down. The screenplay, however, reveals its hands all too easily, feel critics.

bollywood Updated: Jun 18, 2012 10:11 IST
Ferrari Ki Sawari,Sharman Joshi,Hindustan Times

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a noble film, a film that has its heart in the right place. The best part about the movie is its sincere performances. It's the predictability which pulls the story down. The screenplay, however, reveals its hands all too easily, feel critics.

"Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a rapturous and gratifying movie-watching experience. The premise is interesting, the screenplay (Rajesh Mapuskar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra) is engrossing and what truly sets it apart is the palpable sincerity about the whole thing. The movie makes us empathize with the characters, their relationships and their circumstances and that goes a long way towards allowing us to exonerate the screenplay's sporadic missteps and wrong turn," writes Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama.

"Ferrari Ki... has a lot going on for itself on the surface. An interesting story line, a strong cast and of course the whole suspense involving whether or not Sachin Tendulkar will grace the film with his presence, is going to draw in huge crowds," writes Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri, DNA.

A poster from the film Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Not all critics agree though. Some feel that the film is very predictable.

"So much love flows around but nothing is really happening on screen. Sit back and admire the father-son duo, the narrative will move ahead at it's own pace. It's the predictability which pulls the story down. Like one knows even as Kayo's father searches desperately for a new bat, he will reach the cricket field in time to hand it over to his son," opines Preeti Arora, Rediff.

"The film wins for being simplistic and devoid of forced complications. But it is this same merit that could be seen as a minus as many could perceive the film to be too straight-laced and without a personality. But ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ should be regarded for the very fact that it dares to do just that without worrying about how it would be perceived or sold or acknowledged. A simple story told simply by characters who can’t spell ‘complex’ but manage to get you to sit up and empathize with them," says Kunal Guha, Yahoo.

"It has an unusual plot premise all right, but the connection between Sachin’s flaming-red Ferrari that is spirited away from its parking bay and taken on a merry spin across Mumbai and a young boy’s ambition to play at Lord’s and notch up 100 centuries for India is too far-fetched to be convincing," says Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV.

"The screenplay reveals its hands all too easily, and all too frequently. Once he receives the money, Rustam places the bundle of currency notes in the Ferrari’s glove-box. You instantly know he is going to leave the money behind. He does," adds Chatterjee.


"This is director Rajesh Mapuskar's first outing as a director and he should be given full credit for a screenplay which steers clear of subplots, sexist jokes or the general paraphernalia foisted on hoping to make the film a hit. The story zigzags between real, fantasy and make-believe and bizarre co-incidences which is a formidable task for any director leave alone a first timer," says Arora.

"Director Rajesh Mapuskar makes a sparkling and soulful debut and scores for his ability to optimally contain scenes in a manner that they don’t spill over. Pretty much like the song- ‘If you come today…’," writes Guha.


Adarsh says: "Sharman Joshi has amassed immense exaltation for his acting skills, but Ferrari Ki Sawaari will make people sit and notice his reach and range as an actor. Sharman adjoins prodigious appraisal to the character with his exuberant act in a number of sequences. Watch him rend the piggy bank, his rummaging for the bat in the shop, the emotional scenes and of course, the upheaval in the finale. What an incredibly awe-inspiring act!"

"In Ferrari Ki Sawaari, Boman Irani delivers one of the finest, accomplished and dexterous acts. Watch the scene when he pounces on Sharman when he learns of the grandchild's plans of playing cricket. Also, the sequence with Paresh Rawal is astounding," he adds.

"The best part about Ferrari ki... is its sincere performances. It’s not a star-studded ensemble but when you have such simple characters, you don’t really need one. Joshi is adorable as the honest and kind-hearted Rustam. Boman Irani is downright brilliant as a crabby old bawa and is successful in drawing out many laughs throughout the film. Sahore too is quite cute and does well as little Kayo," feels Chaudhuri.

"Though Sharman has delivered an amazing performance, (this is his first solo outing) his sugary-sweet personality leaves a cloying taste in the mouth. Then there's Kayoze Deboo (Ritwik Sahore) his model son with the potential to outdo Sachin Tendulkar. And their close-to-perfect relationship."

"This indeed, signals a new innings in Sharman Joshi's career. His performance is heart-warming, shuffling between light-hearted moments and tear-jerking emotions. Young Ritvik, like a true captain, holds the team together. This little stock of talent is so natural and expressive, he'll bowl you over," says Madhureeta Mukherjee, TOI.

Vidya Balan in Ferrari ki Sawaari


"On the whole, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a noble film, a film that has its heart in the right place. It's well-intended and sincere and it goes about its business with incredible earnestness. Of course, the film has its share of hiccups, but then all films do, right? But keeping the fault-finding apart, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is an accomplished effort. It's that exceptional film that communicates a point and tells a sensitive story in those 2.10 hours. This heartwarming, tender and sprightly film should not be missed!" Adarsh concludes.

"All these factors combined with a tear-jerker of an ending makes Ferrari Ki Sawaari a full family entertainment flick. It is a good way to spend your weekend and definitely your money’s worth," says Chaudhuri.

"The dialogues by RajKumar Hirani entertain us with a handful of LOL-worthy moments. And that is the best that can be said about Ferrari Ki Sawaari. One or two brilliant moments, a handful of good moments but they don't come together to give us a great film," feels Arora.

"What tosses in its favour is the uniqueness of the concept (so what if you missed a ride with the real Sachin in his laal gaddi). Look at the brighter side of life, dikra," concludes Mukherjee.

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First Published: Jun 15, 2012 13:01 IST