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Hrithik Roshan is sharing Kangana’s personal pictures, claims lawyer

Acotr Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer sent a letter to Mumbai Police commissioner accusing actor Hrithik Roshan of making his client’s pictures and emails public.

bollywood Updated: Apr 28, 2016 17:09 IST
Anjuri Nayar Singh
Actor Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer has written a letter to  the  Mumbai  police commissioner alleging that actor Hrithik Roshan has leaked her private pictures.
Actor Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer has written a letter to the Mumbai police commissioner alleging that actor Hrithik Roshan has leaked her private pictures.

In yet another twist to the ugly sparring between Bollywood actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, the Queen star’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has sent a letter to the Mumbai police commissioner stating Hrithik has been circulating his client’s personal pictures without her consent.

“My client Kangana Ranaut got calls from sections of media claiming that they have seen certain pictures and emails from my client, which were only exchanged between my client and Hrithik Roshan on his correct email address. Mr Hrithik Roshan sent a notice to my client saying that he will be doing this. He has fully outraged my client’s modesty. He has no business showing any pictures of my client to any third party,” he says.

“These things need to be investigated. I am trying my level best to hold on to my FIR and not file it as it will have a long lasting effect on Hrithik Roshan’s career. So the only option was to file a complaint with the police and tell them to look into this offence and prevent consequences of it,” he adds.

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There has been talk about Kangana sending emails to someone pretending to be Hrithik. However, Siddiqui questions the existence of this imposter and adds that the case has nothing to do with him. “Whether the imposter stays in any part of the world or if there is even an imposter is not a question. This case is between Hrithik and Kangana. Is Hrithik claiming that he did not receive any emails from my client on his email address? Under law, the burden of truth lies on the person making the allegations. He has to substantiate it. If he can’t, he cannot have the liberty of making media go on a wild goose chase to find any imposter. There is no case of an imposter at all. And even if there is, it is of no consequence to this case,” he says.

There are reports that Kangana is not cooperating with the police and has refused to hand over the laptop, on which she allegedly sent emails to Hrithik. However, Siddiqui says that the laptop was never asked for. “First and foremost, if my client was communicating with the imposter through a laptop or a phone, that only my client knows. The imposter was a recipient so actually even he would not know how she has communicated. The question of what my client was using, which laptop and which make was all false. There is no question of my client being pulled up for any laptop. Right now, the police only wants to interview her. The first notice has been withdrawn. These diversionary tactics are nothing but the act of Hrithik Roshan and his team. They are trying to deviate from the subject matter,” he says, adding that they are still waiting for Hrithik to reply to the counter complaint filed by them.

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Here is Kangana’s statement to Miss Malini

In a legal matter, only on-record statements can be addressed not gossip. So here’s my final word: If the other party who sued me for defamation and asked for a public apology can prove defamation, I promise to apologise publicly. I request the other party to respond to the legal matter which they have started and not turn this defamation suit into a media trial and judgment. If they are sincerely seeking an apology then they must help me understand their perspective because blackmailing or threatening won’t work with me. Though my legal team is taking strict actions against blackmailing and threatening me, but as a girl it doesn’t scare me. You won’t get a sorry by threatening me or circulating my love poems, letters or images.

I am not ashamed of anything, not my past, not my affairs, not my body and most definitely not my desire. So slut-shaming won’t work either. If they want an apology then they have to come to the point, beating about the bush won’t help, me and my team are eager to help as hurting sentiments isn’t our intention.


January 29, 2016: In an interview, actor Kangana Ranaut was questioned if actor Hrithik Roshan was the reason behind her being ousted from the film Aashiqui 3. She said, “Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb a** can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.”

Hrithik Roshan replied to this by tweeting, “Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (I’m sure wonderful) women d media hs ben naming. Thanks but no thanks (sic)”.

January 31: Kangana told a leading channel that she was not hurt by Hrithik’s comment. “No. I am not hurt. I respect the other person’s opinion also. It’s very likely that a person can have a different perspective on the same situation or rather the past. But then, stick to your stand. Don’t slyly pursue people and spy on them, and chase them. So, we sign and seal the deal and then move on.”

March 14: Hrithik Roshan filed a defamation case against actor Kangana Ranaut for referring to him as her ‘silly ex’. His legal notice alleged that Kangana was suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome and claimed that she had sent him 1439 ‘senseless, personal and absurd’ emails. Kangana replied with a counter notice accusing him of intimidation. She refused to apologise and said that Hrithik had been communicating with her through a special email address.

March 30: Hrithik lands in a legal mess with his tweet on ‘dating the pope’. A Christian secular forum in Mumbai slapped a legal notice on the actor alleging that the tweet is “hurting the religious sentiments.”

March 31: The Mumbai police summoned Kangana and her sister Rangoli to record their statement following a FIR lodged by Hrithik against unknown persons for allegedly creating a fake email-ID in his name and using it to chat with his fans.

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April 2: Hrithik took to Twitter to apologise for his tweet. He posted, “Seems my tweet about His Holiness has led 2misunderstanding. My apologies 4 hurt caused 2religious or other sentiments. Was unintentional. (sic)”

April 3: A friend of Kangana claimed that the actor got engaged to Hrithik Roshan in Paris in January 2014. However, a source close to Hrithik said that the actor was not present in Paris at the time.

April 7: Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui wrote a letter to the Mumbai police commissioner asking him to take action against Hrithik for circulating Kangana’s photos to “non-concerend third parties”. “My client Ms. Kangana Ranaut has been given to understand that her absolutely private and confidential emails as well as photographs etc. which were collected by Mr. Hrithik Roshan during his association with her are being malafidely and mischievously misused by Mr. Hrithik Roshan with criminal intentions of damaging my client’s reputation and to wilfully impute unchastity to her,” the letter reads.