Jodi Breakers gets thumbs down from critics

Bipasha-Madhavan's Jodi Breakers is routine, clichéd and formulaic with an unimpressive screenplay, if critics are to be believed. The chemistry between the lead pair, however, is rocking. Read on for complete report.

bollywood Updated: Feb 24, 2012 18:20 IST
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Bipasha-Madhavan's Jodi Breakers is routine, clichéd and formulaic with an unimpressive screenplay, if critics are to be believed. The chemistry between the lead pair however is rocking. Read on for complete report:

"To put things in the right perspective, Jodi Breakers is routine, clichéd and formulaic, at least initially. Add lazy and unenergetic too. Director Ashwini Chaudhary doesn't get a grip of things, except in a couple of sequences. But the twist and turns in the post-interval portions are of an interesting variety [writer: Aakash Kaushik], with a major chunk of the second hour succeeding in making you erase whatever misgivings you may have had from the first hour," says Taran Adarsh.

The film though intially looks promising, but on the whole lacks fizz.

"At first glance, Jodi Breakers has a lot going for it: an unusual and interesting lead pair, fabulous outdoor location (Greece, in this case) and foot-stomping music. But the movie is let down by a script that lacks fizz and connect. Director Ashwini Chaudhary's venture begins as a comedy but gradually morphs into romance and loses momentum in the second half. Not even Helen can perk things up. Romance as remorse doesn't work here," writes Avijit Ghosh, TOI.

"The makers have said it's a film about dysfunctional relationships. It's neither a love story, nor a sex comedy. There are plenty of innuendoes and women in bikinis frolicking in foam as newly-divorced R Madhavan ("Sid") celebrates being single," says Piyali Dasgupta, NDTV.


"Bipasha has never looked so radiant and her acting has never been as spontaneous. The break-up seems to suit her. Madhavan is one of our most talented actors. Omi Vaidya really has to find a new gag for himself," writes Bamzai.

"Bipasha looks good, and adds a strong dose of oomph with the Bipasha number. If her brief was to look good, she's definitely fulfilled it. The song -- the song situation actually -- is another story, considering it's a pivotal part of the film," says Savera R Someshwar.


"Director Ashwini Chaudhary has the makings of a fine raconteur. This, one realized much earlier and now, in Jodi Breakers, Ashwini proves his credentials yet again. What's noteworthy is that he keeps the drama straightforward, unfussy and unpretentious. Besides, he makes his lead pair shine magnificently in the radiance of a well-tailored script," writes Adarsh.

"Ashwini Chaudhary’s direction is average. His narrative style does not get the audience hooked on to the drama. Of course, he is also handicapped by the weak script. Salim-Sulaiman’s music is very nice. Kunwara and Darmiyaan songs are the pick of the lot. The Bipasha song is also appealing. Mujhko teri zaroorat hai has lilt and melody. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are praiseworthy. Song picturisations (Rajeev Surti and Bosco-Caesar) are good but could’ve been better. Camerawork (by Arun Varma) is eye-filling. The locales of Greece are a treat for the eyes. Sets (Aparna Raina) are appropriate. Production values are nice," writes Komal Nahta for

Bad Screenplay

"The long and short of it is that the screenplay needed much improvement. While it starts as a fast moving tale, it goes on to become extended, dragged scenes with a situation well told in 10 minutes being stretched to of 20. One such example is when our jodi breakers get drunk and the scene crawls to reach to the point where they kiss," writes Kanika Sikka, DNA.

"Barring 'Bipasha' song along with the romantic number, music does nothing but disrupts the flow of the story. Dialogues are pretty impressive and in sync with the sensitive theme on which the story is based. Cinematographer takes away the essence from the emotional moments by focusing on long shots. Editing shocks at some points, like, for instance, music stops abruptly followed by dialogue delivery," reports

"There could have been comedy, there could have been romance, there could have been moments that make you go Awwww! Instead, the dialogues are juvenile, the situations are oft-seen (how many times have we seen a lusty love guru eye-balling a woman's curves!), the supporting cast fails to, well, support and lead pair share no chemistry," writes Savera R Someshwar, Rediff.


"On the whole, Jodi Breakers has an engrossing and smartly executed second half that tilts scales in its favor. The right dose of drama and romance, besides a trendy, harmonious musical score, only act as toppings," concludes Adarsh.

"Avoid. Watch the Oscar nominees instead. I recommend The Artist. Uggie, the dog, will break your heart. In the best possible way," advices Bamzai.

"On the whole, Jodi Breakers is not too much of an entertainer and will not be able to break even. Considering the dull start and lack of merits in it, it will entail losses to all concerned," says Nahta.

First Published: Feb 24, 2012 18:07 IST