Actor John Abraham started his career as a model, and then made it as a successful Bollywood actor and producer.
Actor John Abraham started his career as a model, and then made it as a successful Bollywood actor and producer.

John Abraham: I don’t subscribe to the terms ‘insider outsider’, this is your Twitter trending culture

Actor John Abraham says everyone, both insiders and outsiders, have their ‘battles to fight’, one can either complain about it, or do their job.
Hindustan Times | By Rishabh Suri, New Delhi
UPDATED ON SEP 13, 2020 05:41 PM IST

Insider and outsider — these two terms are the hot words today. Whether you can, as someone without any film industry connections, make it big, is the raging question. But mention this to John Abraham, who himself falls in the ‘outsider’ category — he refuses to tag himself.

“I don’t subscribe to such terms. This is your Twitter trending culture. I believe every individual, be it an insider or outsider, has his/ her own battles to fight. Whether you are gracious about it or bitter, it’s your decision, but you have to fight this battle. Every person has to prove a point, either you complain about it, or put your head down and bloody do your job. I am clear I have come here to do my job, and I will do it well,” the 47-year-old tells us.

We ask the Madras Café (2013) actor and producer more about the trending culture he believes these terms are. And also what makes him not subscribe to such terms, which clearly demarcate someone who has contacts, and someone who has to do everything from scratch? 

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Abraham says that’s because he is not a ‘follower’. “I create my own standards. Did I come from outside the industry and make it on my own? Yes. It’s a great example for people. Do I think people from the industry are gracious? They are damn bloody gracious. Are all of them gracious? Maybe not, but that exists everywhere in every industry,” reasons the actor.

Recalling his early days as a model, he goes on to tell us, “When I was a model, I was an outsider, most models are that. People were gracious, but were some pushing me away? Yes. I think it exists everywhere, you have to create your own path. You cannot be bitter here, and have to do your job, put your head down, and treat it like one.”

In his 20 years in the industry, the actor says he has never been late a single day. “I believe I respect everyone’s time and money. You don’t need to be talented, and hard working to be coming on time, be honest and credible, and just do your job right.”

In the phase where he was looking to make a mark, was he ever at the receiving end of nepotism, like say, a star kid being chosen over him for roles? What does he feel about the notion that such actors get many chances to prove themselves? Abraham says, “I can only answer this in one way. If you don’t get chances, you create your own. I did that. Am I bitter about the fact that someone from the industry got more opportunities than I did? Not at all. I am grateful that I created my own chances and had self conviction. I give credit only to that. I can also sob, cry, beat my chest and say I have been wronged, but that’s not my narrative, that’s not what I am made of. I am made of stronger mettle. For me, if you don’t get chances, you create your own. If you don’t belong to a world, you create your own world.”

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