Effective E-mail communication
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Effective E-mail communication

Get E-mail savvy, it matters, says Shirley Taylor, an independent intl trainer, business writer and the author of this book.

books Updated: Sep 30, 2002 14:42 IST
Tulika Bhatnagar
Tulika Bhatnagar

Make sure you look good online
Most of us spend most of our day communicating on E-mail, and almost all of us take our language, subject lines, and "e-attitude" for granted. Well, it's time to suit up, Internet folks, and get good on the 'Net. If you read this book as I read it, you would prefer to brush over the first chapter that gets into the history of
E-mail and its current evolution. The going gets interesting from the third chapter onwards, when you learn about important as well as interesting tips on corporate or business E-mail communication. Most of the information provided in this book is like something we know, but hardly ever care to use.

Take a look at some of Taylor's tips:
- Write a SMART subject line AFTER you have written your message.
(SMART = specific, meaningful, appropriate, relevant, thoughtful).
- Never use ALL CAPITALS for any part of your message.
- Don't use lower case letters, or abbreviations or acronyms in business E-mail.
- Set up an automatic signature. Yeah, it IS essential.
- Use plain-text, and strictly avoid HTML for corporate E-mail messages.

Must-see: Chapter 10 is pretty extensive with deadly tips on "making e-mail work for you." Also, on pages 93, and 101, you get valuable inputs on "creating electronic rapport" and "doing your job better with e-mail."

Must-buy? If you use e-mail for official/business purposes, definitely.

The book is being sold by IDG Books India, idgbooksindia.com.

Other details:
Written by Shirley Taylor
Publisher Dreamtech Press Publication
ISBN# 81-7722-200-7
Price Rs. 99.00

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First Published: Sep 30, 2002 14:42 IST