Healing the Future: The wonder of meditation, discovered though a self-help book

Author Deepak Kashyap explores the realm of meditation to tell how powerful the results could be, if it is practised with intensity.

books Updated: Jun 08, 2017 17:57 IST
Henna Rakheja
Henna Rakheja
Hindustan Times
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Deepak Kashyap, a civil servant, has rewritten the book Healing the Future – The Journey Within.(Waseem Gashroo/HT Photo)

Can you cure a stiff neck through meditation? The answer lies in the book Healing the Future – The Journey Within, by Deepak Kashyap.

“In 1999, I was in Goa, when I suffered from frozen shoulder and a stiff neck. Though I had been practising yoga and meditation, I couldn’t move a limb in that condition. And then I wondered if meditation could heal my muscles? Soon, I slipped into a meditative state and remained that way for a good 90 minutes. After a couple of hours, I was perfectly fine,” recollects Kashyap, referring to the first chapter, titled The Goa Miracle.

A civil servant by profession, Kashyap was struck by the idea of writing a book when he saw a conversation between an expert and a yoga enthusiast on TV. “I once saw a foreigner ask a so-called yoga guru if it’s okay to meditate for a longer duration on one specific day. The guru compared meditation and hunger, and said, ‘If you can’t eat too much on one day and starve another day, then how can you do the same with meditation?’ To me, that reply was illogical, considering regularity is desirable but intensity only comes through practising meditation over extended periods of time,” explains Kashyap.

The cover of the book Healing the Future – The Journey Within.

Kashyap says that he was always interested in the occult sciences, and this interest was sharpened after meeting his guru. He first wrote Healing the Future 10 years ago, and now he has updated the book. “I thought it’s important to write to bridge the gap between spiritual phenomena and the rational mind,” he says.

His first-hand experiences, such as the Goa incident, have shaped this book. “The actual writing of the book took seven to eight months, but before that it required a lot of preparation. One of the challenges was to experience everything myself before writing,” he says.

The result is a self-help guide that can enlighten one about the magic of meditation, the power of reiki, and the connection between the spiritual and the practical.

First Published: Jun 08, 2017 17:57 IST