Om Swami’s latest book is about Kundalini and Chakras.
Om Swami’s latest book is about Kundalini and Chakras.

Om Swami: A mystic brings to you a new book on kundalini

Om Swami was in the Capital to launch his latest book Kundalini – An Untold Story (by Jaico Books).
Hindustan Times | By Medha Shri Dahiya, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 07, 2016 05:14 PM IST

Om Swami is a mystic who had set up a billion-dollar business by the time he turned 26. And even before he turned 30, he had renounced it all along with other worldly things, to meet God. And meet he did, he says. Then on, he settled in an ashram and decided to help anyone interested in living a life of content or looking for guidance.

But he didn’t want to preach to a “crowd”. So he started writing instead. “I write and that’s how I want to promote the truth. First, it was through my portal, now my books. People who read my books are my audience. I am not here to preach or have crowds around me, those who read my books are the ones who want to really know. I don’t want to be famous,” he said on his recent visit to Delhi to launch his latest book Kundalini – An Untold Story (by Jaico publishing house).

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His readers had come looking for answers on Panama Papers to his beauty secret to grief and suffering. Laced with signature wit and humour, in impeccable Hindi peppered with accented English, he answered them all. Talking about scepticism surrounding many self-proclaimed godmen, he said, “People who want to judge me aren’t ready for me. Those who feel, aisa hona chahiye guru… You will be attracted to a guru who can match you... Skepticism has been there for ages, Vishwamitra and Vashisth aisa chalta aya hai... Sadiyon se chaltey aya hai… a fake, scented flower might attract a fly but not a butterfly.”

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Om Swami’s latest Book Kundalini - An Untold Story by Jaico publishing house (Rs 250) attempts to demystify chakras and kundalini.

For a question on Panama Paper leaks, Om Swami laughs, “Now even that is a role of a spiritual guru, ‘What should I do about my taxation’, that’s what we will be asked now. Spiritual gurus are themselves are setting up offshore accounts,” and adds, “Don’t confuse spiritual gurus with governance. National interest is sometimes compromised for local benefits, because there is too much democracy at all levels. You can’t run a country by being too kind. Sometimes, like a parent, you need to be strict.”

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Why a book on Kundalini and chakras? In today’s time, when it has become a fashion to talk about vibes, and chakras, his book attempts to trace the origin and help people live better. The 36-year-old smiles, “Awakening of kundalini has been an important aspect of my intense meditation. The more I heard people talk about it, the more I realised how much misconception there was about kundalini and chakras. Setting aside opinions of seekers and preachers, I wanted to share my message on chakras based on the very first scripture where kundalini was originally mentioned. Everything written on kundalini thereafter is merely commentary. Even though what I’ve written is also a quasi-commentary. It is but with one primary difference: I have based it entirely on the original scripture of Kundalini and my own direct experience. I felt it would benefit readers and seekers.”

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