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Personal agenda: Cyrus Broacha

Cyrus Broacha, actor and stand-up comic on all things funny, interviewed by Veenu Singh.

brunch Updated: Sep 21, 2013 16:42 IST
Veenu Singh

Cyrus Broacha, actor and stand-up comic on all things funny, interviewed by Veenu Singh.

August 7

Place of birth

Home town

First break
A play with Hosi Vasunia called Brighton Beach Memoirs

St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Currently I am…
On YouTube’s Comedy Week

High point of your life
When school ended forever

Low point of your life
When college began!

CyrusYou feature on YouTube’s Comedy Week. Is this a sign of change?

The change has been about taking fatter people to smaller screens. That’s what my channel, Being Cyrus, is all about on YouTube Comedy Week. And it’s a sign of money. People at YouTube have promised me that soon. The reach will wipe out all other media. And the money could become obscene. Although they did add that this could take anywhere between two and 327 years.

What exotic pet would you like to keep in your house?
A silverback gorilla.

What’s the one joke you are sick of hearing?
All the blonde jokes and anything that starts with ‘Three men walk in to a bar’. I’m okay with two men, though.

Who’s funnier, you or your kids?
My kids, for sure!

Suntan lotion or fairness cream, which would you pick?
It all depends on where to apply. Upper body – fairness cream; lower body – suntan lotion.

How did you react when you first saw yourself on TV?
I was ashamed. I still am.

Is it true that you are not email savvy and your mother types your columns?

You wrote a book about Indian men, why not one on Indian women?
That’s because an average woman doesn’t exist. They’re all above average.

What tickles your funny bone?
Old people.

One week of your life you wish that wasn’t.
When I was stuck in Chennai at the time of the tsunami in 2004. That and also the first week of my marriage.

Who do you think is funnier on TV: Arnab Goswami or Kapil Sharma?
Arnab Goswami – he’s not only funnier but prettier too.

An international stand-up comic you look up to or admire.
Kim Jong Il. The dearly departed leader of North Korea.

Five musts in your wardrobe.
A torch, a hook, two jockstraps and a handkerchief.

Your idea of a great weekend.
Monday holiday.

Three grooming products you absolutely swear by.
My finger, my saliva and sunglasses.

One thing nobody knows about you.
My weight is 93.77kg.

Your fitness funda.
If the lift is not working, wait for the mechanic.

Your dream destination
Navi Mumbai.

You are distressed with...
The lack of short pants worn in India!

The last line of your autobiography would read…
“I am not coming back unless there are more girls.”

A Film you’ve watched more than five times.
Kramer vs. Kramer

The Most paisa vasool film.
Debbie Does Dallas

A Movie THAT WAS part of childhood.
The Exorcist

The first movie you saw on big screen

The Most overrated film

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