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Why trudge through the rain and flood when you can shop online? These sites stock gifts, garments, gourmet food and every little thing else. They’ll happily deliver too. So start shopping!

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Sonali Kokra
Sonali Kokra
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Why trudge through the rain and flood when you can shop online? These sites stock gifts, garments, gourmet food and every little thing else. They’ll happily deliver too. So start shopping!

Olive and Jalapeno Pickle>> Rs 390 (500 gms)

You can’t separate Indians from their achaars, so we’re pretty sure you’ll Oliveslike Goosebumps. We couldn’t help salivating when we saw the sweet, spicy and sour bottles of pickles up for sale. Our first pit stop: the olive and jalapeno pickle, which will make your ears turn red and your eyes water, but is well worth the experience. There are equally mouth-watering options for sweet and sour pickle lovers.

What we liked: The make-your-own-pickle option; minimum orders are 500 gms.

COD option available.

Jungle Book – The Complete DVD Set>> Rs 1,124
We know that Flipkart sells everything from combs to computers, but we’ll always remember it for its books and DVDs. A few seconds in the books and entertainment section threw up Duck Tales VCDs, DVDs, as well as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Archies and other comics.
What we liked: Wide choices, EMI payment option. Free shipping, 30-day return policy.

Blue Boho necklace>> Rs 5,500

Blue bohoThe necklace isn’t in-your-face, but still unmissable, just the way we like our jewellery. Originally set up to take Indian designs to the world, Jaypore recently started shipping within India.

What we liked: The attention to detail is exquisite.

Shipping free over Rs 2,000.

I’m The Boss game>> Rs 3,450

This Blahgames offering is about investors trying to make a deal by negotiating intelligently, cut-throat bargaining and temporary alliances; all the while trying to outmanoeuvre the competition. We have newfound respect for THAT side of the world now!

What we liked: Strategy, party and family games that we’d never even heard of. Free shipping, but the games are pretty pricey to begin with.

www.blahgames.comUntitled, by Satish Gujral (framed reproduction)>> Rs 5,900

SatishArtintaglio believes in making art affordable for the masses, which is why they focus on prints, reproductions and graphics. So you can become the proud owner of a Dali, Raza and even the occasional Husain without selling your house. There are plenty of lesser-known and local names for those just building their collections.

What we liked: The price points! There’s something for everyone. From prints that cost as little as Rs 1,800 to Dali graphics that cost almost a lakh. We also love that every weekend, they offer a limited quantity of one print at a 50 per cent discount.

Price is inclusive of taxes, packing and shipping.

Malt and Barley Skull glass bottle>> Rs 2,990

For all the men dissatisfied with the step-brotherly treatment given to them on other portals, Elitify is the place to be. Just landing on the interface made us think of suave suits and dapper gentlemen! While we were super impressed with the bar accessories, we were also taken by the pocket squares and travelling gear.

What we liked: The site has a great MANual section with how-tos. We love!

Free shipping.

www.elitify.comPashminaPashmina Stole>> Rs 6,200

Fabulloso is the place to shop for lifestyle products if you’re looking for well-established names.

What we liked: The impressive line-up of designers: Gaurav Gupta, Abraham Thakore and others. You will be charged Rs 50 per product, subject to a minimum of Rs 100 per shipment as delivery charges. COD available at an additional Rs 50 per product.

Funky cushions>> Rs 960 to Rs 1,910

Not only are these cushions from the curated collections, they are also on offer at a discount. Houseproud is also currently featuring a collection of homewares from citrus juicers to pepper mills and ice cube trays in mouth-watering colours!

What we liked:

They also take orders over the phone. Shipping costs extra. COD option available.

Zimmermann V Strapless Jumpsuit>> Rs 22,825

Shopbop sources from over 650 designers; and has by far the most comprehensive list of international Jumpsuitdesigners we’ve seen on a fashion portal.

What we liked: The site offers a detailed size chart, fabric composition details, wash instructions, measurements, the brand’s design policy and even styling suggestions.

Free shipping for orders over $100; additional $10 if orders are less than $100.

Grey floral Silk Tie>> Rs 599
A silk tie for less than Rs 600? We were surprised too! But then we understood why. If you’re someone who couldn't care less about brands, you’ll like Zovi – it’s all about functional fashion at affordable prices. While the tie was our top pick, we saw some pretty blouses and shift dresses, all under Rs 1,000.
What we liked: Its simple, easy navigation. Free shipping, 30-day return policy.

Bird cage>> Rs 3,400
Homehero sells quirky products like bird cages, rusted post boxes and ship fog lights. What can you actually do with them? Nothing. They’re for mad souls who like their rooms to be full of stories! For everyone else, there’s regular furniture too.
What we liked: The customisation feature. You can customise pre-existing furniture to suit your needs or get them to design something completely new. Also, a lot of the furniture is made from retrieved wood. So two thumbs up from the environment.
Prices are exclusive of taxes.

Striped tights for kids>> Rs 1,045
Would you believe it? A whole site devoted to socks, tights for men, women and kids. Happysocks is a Swedish company that aims to turn an everyday essential into a colourful design wonder. But enthusiasts must be prepared to shell out a minimum of R770 ($14) for a pair.
What we liked: While we’re not sure we’d pay close to R1,000 bucks for socks, the crazy designs on the tights had us adding item after item to the cart.
Free shipping on four or more items.

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs long lasting eyeshadow: #05 Les Gris>> Rs 3,343

eyeshadowStrawberrynet’s interface might be tacky, but the site has good discounts on premium beauty products (including those not available in India). Some of the heavily discounted products are unboxed. But they do promise that the products are original.

What we liked: The sheer volume of brands available. We spotted names like MAC, L’Occitane, Clarins, Chanel,

Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, and so many of our other favourites.

Free shipping.

Funky tees>> Rs 399
Want your T-shirt to reflect your personality to a T? Look no further than CaptainKYSO, which highlights one cool tee every day for sale, for men, women and teens.
What we liked: After one day of being showcased, the tee is available for a few weeks, and then disappears altogether. So get moving now!
Prices inclusive of taxes and shipping. COD costs an extra Rs 50

Mike bottle stopper>> Rs 500
Every party has that oneguest who, after one drink in their system, will grab hold of the bottle and perform a touching rendition of a Bob Marley song. So here’s a mike for all those closet performers! Happily Unmarried specialises in quirky and hilarious home products. Buy them if you have a sense of humour, and your guests do too.
What we liked: The doormats, particularly the one that reads: Egos and shoes outside.
Shipping extra.

ShelvesQuote-Unquote wall shelves>> Rs 4,999

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of a home library, Urbanladder’s products, like the Quote-Unquote shelves,

provide some solace. While bookshelves were our clear favourites, the site offers sofas, bars, tables and other home accessories too. They have a good mix of classic and fun designs in metal and wood at affordable prices.

What we liked: The very extensive details given for each item. You know practically everything there is to know about the products that you are buying.

Free shipping. 12-month replacement warranty.

The Gabriella shoe>> Rs 2,850
Find your Cinderella moment at 23Bacio, which stocks heels, wedges, booties and flats.
What we liked: The sale section. Shoes at even lower prices!
Free shipping over Rs 1,000.
30-day returns. Cash on delivery.

I Am Not A Paper Cup ceramic mug>> Rs 899
This is more than just a coffee cup, it’s a statement. One that says that you care about the environment.
What we liked: The workshops. You can sign up for a public workshop, organise one for your office or hold a personal one in your home if you round up five or more friends.
Shipping is at an
additional cost.

Desert Bloom honey>> Rs 350 (500 gms)

DesertThis honey, from Under The Mango Tree, comes straight from the Rajasthan desert. It has a light, earthy flavour, with accents of the local flora – mahua, palash, jamun, neem and karanj. Your mouth’s watering too? Wait till you see the other variations.

What we liked: We love the site’s aim: to develop village-based business models to create sustainable means of livelihoods for rural India.

Cash on delivery, Rs 50 for delivery.

Beauty samples>> Rs 399

If you’re as fickle with your beauty regimen as we are, you’ll love Vellvette. You sign up for one, three, six or 12 months and each month, they send you a box with three trial-sized packs of luxury beauty and grooming products. If you like what you try, you get discounts on full-sized packs.

What we liked: The surprise element – it’s like having a skin Santa visit you every month! Many brands conduct free workshops for subscribers.

www.vellvette.comAmerican Dream necklace>> Rs 17,500

NecklaceThis necklace from Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop features Swarovski crystals and cultured pearls.

What we liked: The site sources from designers that are otherwise very difficult to shop for – even in metros.

Free delivery.

Pink Filafill full sleeved shirt>> Rs 899

A pink shirt is the big question mark in every man’s wardrobe. And while we’ve seen men go wrong with it, when done right, it’s a

yummy colour. Most shirts on Stiff Collar cost between R700 to R1,100.

What we liked: The categories: Banker’s cut, plus size, paunch fit; they’ve thought of everything.

Free delivery.

Chai Paani moneybank>> Rs 1,100

This piggy bank from We Make Love pokes fun at the under-the-table greasing of palms so familiar to Indian bureaucracy.

What we liked: The many tongue-in-cheek stationery and gift items.

Free shipping.


Yonker skateboard>> Rs 1,027

Got game? Playgroundonline has everything you need to get kitted out for a wide variety of sports.

What we liked: The outdoor and adventure section. Shipping extra.

Bebe sunglasses>> Rs 2,850

Who doesn’t like finding designer sunglasses at lesser than retail prices? That’s why we were thrilled to find Majorbrands, which offers discounts on brands like Mango, Aldo and Bebe.

What we liked: The quantum of discount offered.

Shipping and COD free for orders above Rs 1,000, 30-day return policy.

www.majorbrands.inMeriel clutch with chain>> Rs 4,525

ClutchIf you like fashion that is exclusive, Shopclusive is good value for money. The only thing we don't like about the site is the big bold ‘sold out’ banner across some of our favourite products.

What we liked: The site has a good mix of upcoming designers and well-known names.

Free shipping on orders of Rs 1,000 and above.

Rose Oolong tea>> Rs 960

GourmetCo’s offering is a blend of Taiwanese Oolong balls, rosebuds, rose petals. lemongrass, lemon and ginger.

What we liked: The wide range of pastries, pastas, cheeses, salad dressings, dips, jams, jellies, soups, sauces, and the many other treats that are available.

Abbey Road poster>> Rs 2,000

If you’re a Beatles nut, you have to have the cover of their last album. Or you could search for turntables, DJ gear, synthesizers, instruments, accessories, albums, speakers and software on Bajaao.

What we liked: The ‘price match’ feature. Free shipping, payment via credit, debit cards, direct cash/credit deposit and

Internet banking.

Foldable pet house>> Rs 2,100

pethouseThere’s nothing petty about – it has everything you could need for your dog or cat – from pet food and bowls to collars, crates, cages and grooming tools.

What we liked: The pet care section, which tells you how to deal with fleas, among other things.

Free shipping for orders above Rs 500.

Boss in Motion perfume for men>> Rs 2,480
Perfumetoorder has a large collection for men and women. It sells fashion, beauty and home décor products too.
What we liked: Many unboxed perfumes are on sale at bigger discounts.
VAT additional, Free shipping for now

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