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The worst thing about Bollywood is it still shies away from experimenting: Abhinay Deo

The worst thing about Bollywood is it still shies away from experimenting: Abhinay Deo

brunch Updated: Mar 15, 2015 13:44 IST
Veenu Singh
Veenu Singh
Hindustan Times
Abhinay Deo

If you weren’t a director, you would have been...

An adventure photographer.

If you could choose to direct a classic film, which one would it be and why?


(1979), because of the sheer simplicity of its storytelling.

A film that has left an impact on you.



The best and worst thing about Bollywood.

The best thing is that it is a dream world that offers people something to look forward to every Friday. The worst thing is that it still shies away from experimenting.

The best thing about working on 24 was...

That the show gave me the opportunity to change the way television is looked at in India. was working with Anil Kapoor like?

Fabulous. He is down to earth, hard-working and a thorough professional. It is amazing to see how an accomplished actor can still be willing to push his limits.

Your favourite places to shoot in Mumbai are...

Worli village and south Bombay among a lot of others.

If you were to direct a comedy, what would be your ideal cast?

I would love to work on an out-and-out comedy with Amitabh Bachchan.

Five things you can’t live without.

Making films, watching films (I watch one every night), adventure sports, taking risks and playing video games.

Your all-time favourite film locations are...

New Zealand and Los Angeles.

What makes your day?

The work satisfaction after getting that perfect shot for my film.

What ruins it?

A good script not being able to see the light of the day.

One thing you don’t leave home without.

My sense of humour.

A piece of advice you wish someone had given you 10 years ago.

There’s something that a lot of people told me and I didn’t do for a long time – leaving advertising and getting into filmmaking.

Your biggest asset is...

My storytelling ability.

You unwind by...

Watching films and playing video games.

The theme song of your life is...

Bhaag DK Bose


Delhi Belly

. When you run, you’re not necessarily running away from something, you can also be running towards your goal in life.

Your favourite book.

Jeffrey Archer’s

Kane and Abel.

Your favourite holiday destination.


Given a chance, what is the one thing you would want to change about yourself?

Nothing, really. I am happy with the way I am.

Your strategy in a crisis is...

To keep calm!

The last line of your autobiography would read..

“This is where it all starts.”

From HT Brunch, March 15
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First Published: Mar 15, 2015 13:35 IST