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Three tips for weight loss that celebs follow

Learn from the people for whom every detail must be perfect .

brunch Updated: Oct 01, 2016 20:07 IST
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
Weight loss,Vitamins,Detoxification
For healthy weight loss, change the ratio between carbs and proteins. (Getty Images)

Successful weight loss often has unpleasant side effects: saggy and dull skin, loss of facial charm, hair loss, acidity and gas, and constant fatigue. So it’s interesting to see how celebrities lose weight and still seem perfect. Here’s what they know that you don’t.

1. Additional vitamins and minerals

Deficiency of vitamins B12, C, A, and biotin can lead to an accelerated ageing process. Celebs know it is important to consume good quality vitamins and minerals, so that while fat is metabolised, the body has reserves to keep the regeneration process on for the benefit of their skin and hair.

2. Facials and Body massages

In the process of weight loss, the skin becomes dry and ages rapidly. This makes facials, head massages with oil, and body massages essential. Go for body massages twice a week to boost circulation and ensure that the muscles and skin get proper nutrients.

* For pitta skin: A mix of olive oil and almond oil

* For kapha skin: A mix of almond oil and sesame oil

* For vata skin: A mix of coconut oil and sesame oil

3. Detoxification

As body fat breaks down, toxins are released and deposited in the skin, joints, and deep body tissues. These must be removed via the digestive tract, meaning that a scientific detox is essential once every fortnight.

Detoxification involves the following process:

* The night before: Take triphala powder with a teaspoon of wheat bran and half a teaspoon of oat bran

* Early morning: A cup of hot water with a teaspoon of organic honey and a few drops of lemon

* Breakfast: Orange or masumbi, followed by a decoction of ginger with a pinch of trikatu powder and a teaspoon of honey

* Lunch: Fruit and vegetable soup

* Evening: Herbal tea or spice tea (a decoction of black pepper, cardamom, mint and cinnamon, but no tea leaves)

* Dinner: Vegetable soup and herbs sautéed in half a teaspoon of white butter.

From HT Brunch, October 2, 2016

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First Published: Oct 01, 2016 18:34 IST