What makes Sunny Deol feel sexy?
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What makes Sunny Deol feel sexy?

The action star’s favourite co-actor has been the late villain Amrish Puri.

brunch Updated: Jul 16, 2016 20:27 IST
Sunny Deol,Dharamendra,Ghayal
Being a sports fan, Sunny Deol would like to take a selfie with Roger Federer (Shivam Saxena)

The action star’s favourite co-actor has been the late villain Amrish Puri.

Birthday: October 19

Sun sign: Libra

Place of birth: Sanwal (Punjab)

First break: Betaab (1983)

High point of your life: The birth of my elder son Karan

Low point of your life: One should only talk about the high points and let the low points be

Currently doing: The action comedy Bhaiyyaji Superhitt

It’s been 15 years since you pulled that famous handpump. What is the best joke you have heard about it or any funny anecdote about the same.

One keeps hearing many stupid things about it. Sometimes they say that they are asking for the pump back.

One lesson about life that your father taught you

Work hard and be honest.

The best thing about Ghayal Once Again was…

It was a complete experience. Getting into direction after a long time felt good.

Has Sunny Deol ever got into a bare knuckled fight in real life?

When I was younger, I got into a couple of brawls where I got punched and I punched back.

How do you prefer connecting with fans – on Facebook, on Snapchat or on Instagram?

Personally. Whenever I’m out, I enjoy interacting with them so that the warmth is felt from both sides.

Are you a romantic or a realist?

I’m a die-hard romantic.

If Betaab(1983) was to be made today, who would you have cast in the lead roles and why?

I would have done it myself with the help of technology that would made me look younger.

If you got a chance to direct your dad, which movie of his would you pick?

That’s difficult to say. I don’t think I will be able to do justice to the movie or the great directors who’ve directed him.

If you had to go on a blind date with a 20-year-old, what would you do?

What would I do? It’s supposed to be a blind date, no? How would I know how old the girl is?

Your first crush was at the age of…

Fourteen, I guess.

One thing which you feel modern love/dating lacks...

Most people are just putting up a façade and not being real. Most times, they don’t show their real feelings.

A piece of advice you gave your sons about Bollywood.

Nothing. I myself am still looking for advice. They are just like me. They believe in acting and not anything else.

If your son Karan walks in with his girlfriend, you would…

I would sit with them and talk to them.

One parenting lesson that you learnt the hard way.

Whatever my parents used to say was right.

One way in which Bollywood has changed over the years...

It’s become too commercial.

The best thing about having siblings...


Your favourite co-actor has been...

Amrish Puri

You feel most comfortable in...

I feel most comfortable in the company of like-minded people.

What makes you feel sexy?

When somebody says I’m sexy (laughs).


My Favourites:

Food: Simple, home-cooked food

Adventure sport: Hiking

Things to do when no one’s watching: Can’t reveal those . Then my secrets will be out.

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