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You can save your closet

You know that sinking, ominous feeling, a premonition that something bad is going to happen? The one that Imtiaz Ali immortalised on screen by having Kareena Kapoor run after a train in Jab We Met, writes Yashica Dutt

brunch Updated: Sep 15, 2012 17:56 IST
Yashica Dutt

You know that sinking, ominous feeling, a premonition that something bad is going to happen? The one that Imtiaz Ali immortalised on screen by having Kareena Kapoor run after a train in Jab We Met? I have that feeling every day, when I stand in front of my closet, after all its contents have tumbled on top of me. This clearly happens to everybody, considering the collective cheer that went around the newsroom, when I proposed to find ingenious ways to maximise your wardrobe space. So after days of research and unearthing advice that went beyond just-buy-a-bigger-effing-cupboard, here’s what I found: there’s always extra space.

Give it away now

Coming from the religion of fashion and believing in the gospel of never throwing anything away, I’ve realised that the biggest culprit is the hoarding instinct. Sure, I could use that piece of indigo raw silk as a scarf or team the frayed tee with a maxi dress. But some I know I’ll never wear. So, ditch those jeans you hope to once again fit into. Promise yourself an even hotter pair when you do get to your desired weight. Still holding on to that sweater your mum knitted when you turned 10? Instagram it and paste on your door. Spring clean at least once a year. Sure it hurts, but every year, there’ll be less to discard. Oh, and more space.

Make ‘organised’ a religion
Order! Order! There’s no escaping it, if you want more room for all the shoes and shirts you want. Arrange your cupboard once every 10 days to accommodate your new stuff. “Keep all skirts, jackets, jumpers and trousers together,” advises freelance stylist Rin Jajo. “It’s better to grab and go.” Group belts or ties together. Store undergarments and socks separately in smaller boxes. And always, always pair your socks. Nothing’s more frustrating than tumbling out your entire closet to find the missing one.

Come out of the closet
Not everything needs to fit into that slim vacuum of wood you call your cupboard. Chunky knits can be sealed and stashed away. And not just on top of the closet. Think about the empty space in the kitchen or under the bed. Store your clothes in sealed plastic containers, so they don’t attract bugs, damp or dust. Store your shoes separately if you don’t already. Get shoe bags or nail short, rectangular planks at a 45-degree angle to the wall to give them a proud display. Also, if you are cubbyholing accessories like glasses, bags and ties and belts all in one space, stop. Dangle them on hangers outside the cupboard, line them along a fancy rope, or put corkboard on your dressing table to jam earrings in. more with less

Re-imagine that lone rod taking all the weight of your hanging suits, trousers and dresses. In most cupboards, especially steel almirahs, there’s usually space to add one or two more rods below. Use those for lighter clothes you don’t want to fold. Get the multi-utility hangers that store three to four items together. Stock formal wear at the bottom, and the stuff you wear frequently on top. Don’t ignore the door. If there isn’t already a rod installed, get one, or put in hooks to hang small items like necklaces, belts and scarves. If the door is deep enough, you could hang bulkier clothes there too. Dimple Kohli, a designer with Qboid Design House, suggests, "You could use that space to create small entrapments and store precious items, which usually take up valuable space in the main body."

Freshen it up
I could give you some pop theory about how nice-smelling cupboards always remain clean, and I will. Try it. If your clothes smell like a bunch of fresh oranges or woody cinnamon, there’s little chance you might want to throw them at the back of the cupboard.

Wardrobe secrets of the starry kind
Struggling with space? Apparently celebs do too. Here’s how they cope
Pop sensation Mariah Carey has more than 1,000 shoes stored in a climate controlled room spread with high-voltage lights to give them a dream display.
Oprah Winfrey is known to give amazing gifts to you, you and you. - But the best gift she’s given is to herself. Her closet is a mansion-like 1,200 square feet area, with chandeliers, miles of of space and even an LCD TV.
Fashion designer Anna Sui didn’t bother about a big closet. She just got another apartment to store her clothes. It has custom shelves to fit all her shoes and clothes.

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