Your complete guide to tech jargon
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Your complete guide to tech jargon

Technology is changing faster than any of us can keep up. If new terms already sound Greek to you, Apekshita Varshney is here to help.

brunch Updated: Jul 05, 2014 16:12 IST
Apekshita Varshney
Apekshita Varshney
Hindustan Times

On-The-Go (OTG) and Over-The-Air (OTA)

Ever wanted to work on your phone without having to hunt for a computer? If your phone is OTG-supported, connect an OTG USB cable to it and on the other end, plug in your pen drive. Your phone will act as a host, allowing a drive, camera, or mouse to be attached to it. Don't confuse it with OTA, which helps you make data transfers wirelessly.

mAh in batteries

Quad-core processors and 5GB RAM are all very well, but they guzzle battery life. mAh, which stands for Milliamp Hours, is basically how much juice your battery can store at one time. The higher the mAh, the stronger the battery. So 3000 mAh is good, 4,000 mAh is better. Smartphones will soon welcome 5,000 mAh batteries.

Pentaprism and Pentamirror

They're both viewfinders for your camera and they're both pretty similar. Entry-level DSLRs have pentamirror viewfinders - they show a tad darker, gloomier world when you look through them. A pentaprism viewfinder, generally found in high-end cameras, shows a sharper image. The good news: neither affects the photo you take.

If transferring your vacation pictures to your computer to upload them seemed like too much of a hassle, this SD card with in-built WiFi will help. Sync the card with your computer, then place it in your camera. It will automatically upload photos to your computer or a web space anytime it detects a compatible WiFi network.

Digital Scent Technology

Digiscents developed iSmell, a device that when plugged into a computer's USB port generates different scents. The idea raised $20 million in funding, but didn't quite reek of success. But the technology has been wafting across the world. There's now an alarm clock that gradually increases a bedroom's light and uses stimulating aromas to awaken sleepers. oSnap lets people compose and send smells by text or email. And iPhone has an app called iFart, which has a database of sounds we'd rather not discuss.

Rooting your Android/Jailbreaking an IOS

Sounds ominous, no? No hackers needed, this is totally legal. Rooting or jailbreaking your machine simply means gaining full access to your phone's software so you can upload custom themes and improve its performance. Just remember, by doing this, you also lose the warranty of your smartphone. It's possible to screw up your phone's software in the process too.


And you thought figuring out LCD and LED were the end of it! These days, OLED TVs are slowly racing ahead. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is newer, better and brighter.

It draws less power than an LED or LCD TV, it lights up only the parts that need illumination and not the entire screen, and looks better from different viewing angles. But it costs that much more too. Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Sensitivity

The next time you throw a house party, make sure your speakers don't crack up the sound, hiss or get smoky. Take care of more than just the watts of your speakers. Good speakers have sensitivities in the range of 85 to 91dB (anything lower than 85db is looked down on by audiophiles).

Devil's Canyon

It's got nothing to do with a canyon, or the devil. This is actually the name for Intel's core i7-4790K and core i5-4690K PC processors. Tech nerds have been talking about its overclocking feature, which lets the processor run faster than the manufacturer intended, so your ageing CPU gets a little kick start.

Great innovation, especially for gamers.

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First Published: Jul 04, 2014 19:25 IST