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College rockstar to sports dude: Ten types of students you’ll meet in Delhi University

business Updated: Jul 08, 2017 17:29 IST

Delhi University (DU) is a different world altogether! A complete shift from school life, you can equate your life in DU to that of a sitcom. You get to taste awesome food, find new hangouts, learn the new tricks of being a college-goer, but what really makes it all interesting are the fun characters that you meet (some of whom become BFFs).

From the social media queen who loves to update her followers about every second of her college life to the nerd who lives to score well in exams, we bring you a list of ten types of DU students that you will surely come across on your first day of college.


Gym is life for this one. You can recognise him from afar, flexing his muscles in tight T-shirt. His conversations, mostly, would revolve around supplements and how much he lifts. This one mostly rolls with his type only, unless of course, he is mentoring you to get out of your skinny (or fat) form and become one with the gym rats.


If you see someone strutting their stuff like they’re at a fashion week, you know you’ve spotted the DU fashionista. With their branded ensembles, perfect hair, makeup and expensive perfume, they have a million giveaways. But, be cautious when you approach this one... they already have all the attention they need.


This variety is mostly chilled out, and is only active only during certain phases in the academic year. You can spot them in comfortable clothing (mostly in what they slept); they are great at taking power naps and are the ones who have the most pull in college ( all thanks to the bond they form with their hostel seniors). Resourceful and sloth-like, all at the same time.


Always on time, ready with all the answers and mostly the ones to remind the teacher about assignment submissions, the nerd express is an easy spot. They’re always bringing their A-game on when it comes to scoring high. Befriend them early on, and you would surely reap the benefits.



They love attention, and will go to any length to ensure the spotlight stays on them. Shrill screams, loud laughs and dramatic narration (sometimes fights, too) are their defining features. Ignoring this one is a hard task — you’ll mostly fail, but if you do succeed, they might just create a scene about that.


Freshers’ party, club hopping and various chill scenes at Hauz Khas Village are just some of the things this one will always talk about. ‘Where’s the party, ya?’ is like common punctuation with them and will be dropped in almost every conversation you have with them. They’re also your one stop when it comes to finding the best party spots with amazing deals (they might just have contacts their too!).


Click, caption, update, repeat — consider this the mantra of this type. You’d find this one on every social media platform possible, and they also will be your one stop for all things Internet. Real life is just an extension of their virtual life, and long conversations without checking the phone might only be possible if they run out of mobile data.


College life for them is mostly limited to the field. They join college through sports quota and spend a majority of their time skipping classes to better their game. The coach is the one faculty person in their life and hard routines are worse nightmares for them than college exams. If you do befriend this one, keep them on speed dial for the classic DU fight.


Popular among the ladies, this one leads the college band. You’d mostly spot him strumming his guitar, preparing for the next big performance or just moving in the popular crowd. They’re mostly clad in the trendiest of clothes and most of their look (tattoos and hairdo included) are a tribute to their favourite band. You know you’re one of the popular ones if you befriend this one!


One of the most important entities to roam the college grounds, this one is indispensable if you want college to be a smooth ride. From last minute fest passes to all the proxy attendance, this one will have a contact for everything (or at least a solution to it). Treat this one nicely and enjoy the perks!

First Published: Jul 08, 2017 17:28 IST