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Super Tools for a Superb Kitchen!

There’s no room for a damsel (or dame) in distress when it comes to the kitchen.

business Updated: Feb 24, 2015 17:11 IST

There’s no room for a damsel (or dame) in distress when it comes to the kitchen. An expert chef requires exceptional equipment; and thanks to some intelligently designed tools, the journey to being a Masterchef is now much easier. Complex, time consuming or boring tasks are now all possible in a heartbeat with this league of extraordinary kitchen tools.

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Innovative kitchen inventors have come up with a solution for everything. Take the humble egg, for example. Cracking an egg perfectly isn’t too tough, but it’s close to impossible to get the perfect shape. That’s where this superhero comes in to play. Introducing the Egg Ring - a simple, smart device that lets you decide egg-xactly what you want your egg to look like. Amazing, isn’t it?
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Even squeezing a lime has now been Super-fied! Some smart thinking lets you plug a Lime sprayer in to a lime (or any citrus fruit) and add sourness with an effortless spritz. Now that’s the hero your kitchen deserves… and needs!

When it comes to true villains though, the nemesis of every chef is the JAR! *insert dramatic music here*

You can flex your muscles all you want, but a stubborn jar is the kryptonite that shows everyone who’s boss. That’s where this nifty Jar opener swoops into action. This smart device can open jars of every shape and size in an instant. Don a cape on it and call it your hero already!

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In the League of Extraordinary is also this seemingly ordinary device - the unassuming

Vegetable peeler

. You may think you already have one of these, but what you own is an outdated imposter. Made to impress, this kitchen tool changes the peeling game – drastically reducing the time and effort you put into that mundane task. In fact, he even has a super-sibling – the

Pineapple peeler


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Last, but not the least – when it comes to international cuisine you’ve got to have your trusty sidekick – the Sushi maker . This kit lets you make sushi with your eyes closed! Well… almost. To start off you can always try the Rice cube, to add shape and definition to your daily meal.

And that’s our league for today. Do you have a superhero who hasn’t made it to the league yet? Tell us - which is that one kitchen device that has made your life simpler?

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First Published: Feb 18, 2015 14:04 IST