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A cut above none

This week, HT City reviews the new Pollywood release, Pinky Moge Wali, starring Neeru Bajwa and Gavie Chahal. It's always a good idea to stick to a point. And, it's no fun seeking it in the entire length of the film.

chandigarh Updated: Sep 29, 2012 10:38 IST
Lovedeep Sidhu
Lovedeep Sidhu
Hindustan Times

It's always a good idea to stick to a point. And, it's no fun seeking it in the entire length of the film. A feisty drama queen, Pinky (Neeru Bajwa) concocts her own kidnapping to extort not money, but attention from her rich father, which she has been devoid of and which she earnestly hopes to win someday.

So, while Pinky goes about finding joy through her tantrum-throwing ways, Raj (Gavie Chahal) has it growing abound in his backyard, where he works as a car mechanic along with his three 'single fathers', who adopted him when he was a desolate infant. It's love at first sight for Raj, who unintentionally gets entangled in Pinky's kidnapping drama, and the two find love in typical on-the-run environs.

However, it gets hard to trace their emotions, which have by now been lost in the deadly shadows of lousy humour, misconstrued plot and an overdose of forced action. Responses are delayed and dialogue delivery astoundingly disastrous (apart from veterans such as BN Sharma, Shavinder Mahal and the lead pair). Shot mostly in and around Kharar, Ropar, SAS Nagar and Moga, Pinky Moge Wali could have better used its money.

Singers KS Makhan and Geeta Zaildar turn actors with the film. As a muscle flexing, people-bashing casino owner Akaal, Makhan plays a villain whose dialogues come as strained murmurs; though Zaildar has managed well.

Despite it clearly not being a comedy, (as the title seems to suggest, which owes its origin to Punjabi film Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, and which, sources claim, was bought at a hefty sum), Pinky Moge Wali doesn't quite fit in any other genre either, though it goes a step further to include a waning Bollywood trend of including 'item numbers' - not one but three - and two of which feature unknown models who lack in both looks and talent.

Music goes unnoticed, apart from Mohit Chauhan's melodic voice in Darmiyaan. In fact, had it not been for Neeru's pleasant demeanour and flirtatious act and Gavie's convincing performance, Pinky Moge Wali might have been difficult to endure. Cinematographer Dev Varma is responsible for some serious lapses in most shots and Vikram Dhillon, in his story, screenplay and direction, could have taken risks instead of playing safe using a lacklustre jumble formula that Bollywood long got rid of.

Sahil Gulati, 19,
BA student at SD College, Sector 32

"I think it was ok, maybe about 75% not so good. KS Makhan is a complete disappointment, though Geeta Zaildar acted well. Action sequences and item songs were better."

Neha Dhaka, 18,
BCom student at Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 42

"Neeru Bajwa is a delight to watch, she was the best. I liked the film, but didn't like KS Makhan at all."

Kamna Gulati, 22,
MBE student at SD College, Sector 32

"The film was ok. It wasn't a comedy, as the name seemed to suggest. Neeru Bajwa was good to watch in it. I think item numbers are sometimes a good change."

Bharat Gulati, 19,
BA student at Post Graduate Government College, Sector 46

"I liked Neeru the best and KS Makhan the least. As an emotional drama, the film is ok, but comedy is nil. The stunts shown are over-the-top."

First Published: Sep 29, 2012 10:36 IST