Doctor and 'granthi' get life imprisonment in judge murder case

Convicted for murder and criminal conspiracy in the Patiala judge murder case, Dr Ravdeep Kaur and 'granthi' Manjit Singh, will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

chandigarh Updated: Mar 30, 2012 22:10 IST
Shailee Dogra
Shailee Dogra
Hindustan Times

Convicted for murder and criminal conspiracy in the Patiala judge murder case, Dr Ravdeep Kaur and 'granthi' Manjit Singh, will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

"The convicts acted in the most cruel and inhuman manner. Undoubtedly it was a cold blooded murder thus both the convicts are sentenced to undergo imprisonment for life which would extend through whole of their lives," announced the additional district and sessions judge, VP Sirohi, while pronouncing quantum of sentence.

Dr Ravdeep Kaur and Manjit Singh, were convicted and awarded life term for murder of additional district and sessions judge Vijay Singh, on October 13, 2005 while he was taking a post dinner stroll in Polo Grounds in Patiala. Vijay Singh at that time was posted as the presiding officer of the labour courts Chandigarh and used to go back to Patiala every day.

Special public prosecutor, Vijay Singla, said, "Manjit Singh is a contract killer and had murdered a person (Vijay Singh) for a meagre amount. He has no value for human life. Ravdeep Kaur hired him to kill Vijay Singh….thus both deserve nothing less than a life term if not death. The court taking into account the gravity of the offence had aptly awarded life imprisonment for the whole of their lives."

Singla added, "Manjit Singh had attacked Vijay Singh when he was taking a post dinner walk and was not equipped to defend himself. Manjit Singh inflicted 25 injuries with kirpan on the deceased of which six were enough to cause death."

Tears swelled in the eyes of the daughters and wife of deceased additional district and sessions judge, Vijay Singh, who was killed on the night of October 13, 2005, as the court pronounced the quantum of sentence.

"It pains to see people who have killed a man sit without even a sign of remorse…Even though justice has been served, it feels like losing a battle," said Deepinder Kaur, wife of deceased Vijay Singh who was present in the court.

Standing by her mother, Itra, who is presently pursuing law, said, "They are remorseless people. It is a battle we never wanted to fight."

Convict Ravdeep Kaur preferred to remain silent. "I do not need your help. Even if I tell you something it won't help…. So thank you," replied Ravdeep Kaur after repeated questions. Sitting emotion less, all alone waiting for pronouncement of the order, Ravdeep Kaur, did break down and shed few tears just minutes before the pronouncement and soon took control of her emotions.

Family members of Dr Ravdeep Kaur, preferred to stay away from the court though her father's driver did come to the court briefly and met Ravdeep Kaur.
Even after being convicted for "cold blooded" murder and being termed as "hardened criminal and menace to society," granthi Manjit Singh walked out of the courtroom laughing.
"Are you happy now?" asked Manjit Singh to the public prosecutor after the court pronounced the order.

"I will definitely file an appeal before the court challenging the order…It was not a fair trial," said Manjit Singh, granthi who speaks fluent English.

What led to conviction?

Special public prosecutor Vijay Singla, said, "The call exchanged between Ravdeep kaur and Manjit Singh between June 2005 till the day of murder. After the murder Manjit had called Ravdeep."

Recovery of Manjit Singh's kurta-pyjama that was stained with Vijay Singh's blood. The DNA of the hair recovered from the hand of the deceased Vijay Singh during post-mortem matched with Manjit Singh's DNA. The recovery of Vijay Singh's driving licence that was handed over to Ravdeep Kaur by Manjit Singh as testimony of the murder. Recovery of the blood stained shoes of Manjit Singh from the house of Dr Ravdeep Kaur. The record of Dr Ravdeep's threat to Vijay Singh.

First Published: Mar 30, 2012 21:57 IST