Students graduating during the lockdown are facing another set of challenges (Photo: iStock)
Students graduating during the lockdown are facing another set of challenges (Photo: iStock)

Lockdown woes: Final year students worried about job opportunities

For students graduating during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the challenge has been to find good job opportunities and bidding adieu to their college from the confines of their homes.
By Digvijay
UPDATED ON MAY 27, 2021 09:00 PM IST

For students graduating from some of the premier colleges, the Covid-19 induced pandemic has come with another set of challenges. From campus placements to the inability to network, the lockdown has affected their chances of getting good job opportunities.

Ravi Sharma, a final year student at IIT Delhi, feels panicked and uncertain due to the current situation. “The college placements were relatively low as compared to previous years and the influx of companies for visiting the campus was also less. The online hiring process was not at all effective; it was rather time-consuming and tedious,” says Sharma. “ It is especially hard for freshers to find a job with no experience.”

Agreeing to this Jyoti Yadav, another student from IIT Delhi who will be graduating this year says, “On campus, we form job groups for placements and help each other until the whole group is placed. Now, that couldn’t happen this time. This disturbed the whole idea of placement for students and there was no networking. Generally, students who get placed first, come forward to help and guide others who still have not been placed. But since everyone was stuck at home during placements this could not be done. How many calls can one person take?”

Apart from placements, last few days on campus brings festive fervour among students. However things have been different in the past year. “ Online exams, finishing deadlines stuck at home wasn’t fun at all. It was depressing to say the least,” says Rishabh Agrawal, who is graduating from IIT Delhi amidst a pandemic.

Pursuing final year from home, students miss perks of studying on campus. “Everything else was on but college wasn’t. We had to do all the assignments and tests locked inside our homes, our peers were not there to help or accompany us. Taking a break on campus is a good stress reliever. You can go out for walk in the lush green campus. It’s stressful to sit at home and graduate,” adds Agrawal.

With graduation celebrations cancelled or shifted online, students missed out on a lot of fun. “There are a lot of farewells, hostel, batch, and society farewell parties. None happened because of the pandemic,” adds Yadav.

Final year of college is the most cherished time in a student’s life, however it has been very different for the batch 2021 . “There isn’t much stress around academics in the last year; the course material is mostly finished before the last semester. All students prepare for their goodbyes, placements and to bid adieu to college. Sadly, we had to do it sitting at home,” says another student Ram Prabaharan.

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